Oven-Baked Chicken Leg Bowl

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This small and cozy eatery is a bit of a hidden gem. Located on the 2nd floor of Fuji Xerox Building, tucked in a quiet corner.
Rice bowls are only available. This is the oven baked chicken leg over rice and splashed with generous amount of japanese curry. The eatery does the misen place of the chicken themselves and baked onsite. The moment I walked in, the aroma of the marinades wafted in the air. Smell was so umami! Flavor wise, sweet, atad salty and fragrant. A vigorous sprinkling of seaweed (super challenging to shoot) and chilli flakes for that bit of heat to balance off the sweetness of japanese curry. No foods are fried here and there is also a vegetarian option.
Thank you Nehemiah @hojiak_sg for being a wonderful host. Btw... he is also the co-owner of the recently opened acai place @parallelsg at Raffles.

Ho-jiak is opened only from Mondays to Fridays 11am to 2.30pm. Closed on weekends.

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Choose from 5 proteins - roasted chicken leg, pork shoulder shabu, beef knuckle shabu, chicken karaage and cold sesame tofu!
(You may choose 2 of the same protein too)

Choose up to 3 proteins @ $14.90. (ALL IN!)

The bowl came piping hot with steam (they prepare the food only upon ordering, that's why it took awhile to be served). I had the roasted chicken leg and pork shoulder shabu which were really tender and cooked to perfection, well-marinated. A ladle of curry sauce paired well with the don so your rice won't be dry and boring.

We also ordered the buffalo midwings ($10 for 10 pieces), taste was normal but cos we were famished so they disappeared in a few mins. We also had the curly curry bomb ($10) - just curly fries paired w curry sauce that came in a really big bowl, so it was very worth it for the big portion. Good for sharing! The menu stated that the fries came with bacon bits but there weren't any when it was served (disappointed though).

Prices are nett (no GST & service charge)!

Really worth it for the taste, portion, and that the food came piping hot!!

Oh and my friends ordered the unagi don ($16) which was really yummy and worth it too! Portion of the unagi was just right and not too stingy.


Not the most presentable chicken leg but omg so well-prepared — tender and juicy on the inside, with a nicely crisp chicken skin on the outside 😍 Can't compare the Japanese curry used here to Coco Ichibanya (still the best 👍🏻) but this is better than most places — luscious and soaks right into the fluffy Japanese rice. For $7.90 NETT with no service charge or GST, this is surely value-for-money in the CBD. #Burpproved


Located in a secluded corner of Fuji Xerox Tower (Level 2), Ho-Jiak, much catered to the working crowd there, serves up a concise menu of fuss-free Japanese rice bowls (priced between $7.90 to $14.90) in the day and small selection of beers at night.

For their bowls - paired with Japanese Curry, the meats they offer are mainly Oven-roasted Chicken Leg, Pork Shoulder Shabu and Beef Knuckle Shabu. Not a fan of curry, I had my bowl of half-and-half (pork & beef shabu) without curry which resulted in a relatively dry combination as they do not offer any other sauces (suggest having some teriyaki sauce on the side). The roasted chicken leg faring much better than the leaner and under-seasoned alternatives unfortunately also gets sold out pretty quick (managed to get the last serving of it during lunch). Moist with a lightly crisp exterior, the chicken was decent and probably worth a try if you are in the area looking for a quick bite.

Nice!!! Try it yourself🍛
Ho-Jiak @ Fuji Xeror Towers #02-01