My Awesome Salad

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Heal the soul and fibering up with this full veg My Awesome Salad, right inside an ex-traditional medical hall. Best medicine ๐Ÿ’Š๐Ÿ’Š๐Ÿ’Š

Retaining the original Telok Ayer Chung Hwa Free Clinic store front, this industrial-chic cafe along Telok Ayer dishes out huge, tasty salads. It can get pretty packed during lunch hour, so swing by early with your colleagues to snag a table indoors, or be prepared to brave the heat outdoors. Of the many salads offered here, the My Awesome Salad ($17) is certainly the crowd-pleaser. Featuring smoked salmon, chicken breast, tomato, half an avocado and yummy duck rillette, we couldn't get enough of this. All their salads come with a basil pesto spread on a piece of toast, and a huge bed of mesclun leaves. If you're looking for something more unique, opt for the Perigourdines Salad ($21) that combines really flavourful duck gizzards, smoked duck breast, duck rillettes on toast and walnuts. Pro tip: My Awesome Cafe is also open on the weekends, from 9.30am-12am!
Avg Price: $25 per person
Photo by Burppler Jayne Tan

็œŸๆฃ’ ! comes with smoked salmon, some mashed up duck and herb chicken slices. A bit expensive for daily lunch around the CBD but treat yoself once in a while! This is so filling and so healthy! I loved the herb chicken it's the perfect amount of marination here. Goes well with avacado too! Nothing special with the smoked salmon. Not really a fan of the mashed up duck thingy. But 10/10 would eat this over and over again.


Generous portion, cost of 16SGD

Great salads!! My awesome salad cost 10bucks and has a generous serving of half an avocado, smoke salmon, chicken breast and tuna! Served with balsamic vinegar. Wow.
As for the sandwich, it's alot more dull in comparison. 16bucks for (ok, delicious ) bread with generous amount of vege and meat. But that's about it.
What really really touched my heart was the human touch. There was this old uncle who came in and asked for a cup of kopi-o. He prob came to this place to reminisce the old times since this cafe was transformed from an old Chinese medical hall. The servers told the uncle that the coffee cost 5 bucks. However, the manager got the uncle a long black and said 'charge him only 1 dollar.' And got the waiter to serve him sugar. WOW WOW. Well done guys! Keep up the good job. :) you guys really touched my heart. That's the true kampong spirit.


Just like what the name suggest. The salad that comprises of avocado, chicken breast, duck rillettes, salmon and truckloads full of greens was really awesome. Fresh ingredients were used, flavor was light yet tantalizing. I like how the crunchy greens were paired up with the smooth buttery avocado and a heavier flavor from duck rillettes. The flavor totally complements one another and is well balanced out.

Nothing to shout about as it is something you can assemble yourself with balsamic cream, though the size is awesome. I love the casual environment and great service though.

Shared "My Awesome Salad" with my partner-in-crime at this one-month-old cafe along Telok Ayer. As you can see, I love big serving of real food. We had a 30 minutes chat with one of the owner, Franck who is a French. He sources for fresh ingredient everyday early in the morning at Tiong Bahru market, load them in his car and carry them into the cafe's kitchen personally. Gosh, finally I had a taste of a French intense passion for fresh and quality food. Totally enjoyed this salad and the engaging conversation. What an honour and inspiration to be here! Thank you Franck for your sharing! I shall be back VERY SOON!