Lu Rou Fan (braised pork belly on rice)

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Love this dish the first time I tried it! The infusion of the warm braised pork sauce into the rice makes it so delicious! Best eaten while it is still warm as it doesn't taste that great once it turns cold. The portion is quite small for a meal by itself. Hence, try this dish with the pig's organ soup for the best combi!

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Jalan Besar lunch day ๐Ÿ˜‹


A comforting dish to go for when you just want something simple and easy to eat. The pig organ soup is not very spicy which is not what I am used to. However it is very tasty with the added liver and i thoroughly enjoyed the bowl of soup.
If you have extra stomach, for $1.80, you can order the Lu Rou Fan instead of the normal white rice.


Yes, your eyes aren't deceiving you. The price of this Lu Rou Fan is $1.80, which is crazily cheap as compared to the prices of all other food in society today.

Topped with a bland soup, the Braised Pork was extremely tender and there was surprisingly no bones in the braised pork, making my dining experience a much better one. When paired with the chili, which gave a punch of spiciness and sweetness and gave much more flavor to the dish, it's simply irresistible! I didn't manage to try the other sides dishes, like the Preserved Vegetable ($2.50) as I was in a rush but I'll definitely be back for more.

Side note, you might an encounter this super friendly and cute uncle who mans the cashier and soup counter! :)

The lu rou fan is not an option, just get it ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘


Lu Rou Fan better known as LRF or LRR (Lu Rou Rice) from the Mun Chee Kee near our office. It only cost us....... $1.80 (!!!) (But $2 if takeaway)

We are always thinking of cheeky ideas just to save that 20 cents. (9 bowls can get another one more bowl)

The most outrageous thing I did was to tau pau 2 portions of LRF in my own Takeaway box! The amount of rice give was monstrous and I really had a hard time finishing all!!!

Cheng Mun Chee Kee has one of the best Pig Organ Soup in Singapore. It's great to find this savory classic bowl of braised pork rice that infuses five spice and soy sauce in a simple braise. Simple yet delightful and it costs only a dollar fifty. Order the braised pork rice instead of plain white rice when you're here.