Coffee Granite with Whipped Cream

$40.00 · 3 Reviews

@veronicaphua, thanks for your recommendation! This was yummy! Nice ending to my lunch today #coffeegranita #desserts #venuebysebastian #ouedowntown #shentonway #burpple #burpplesg #sgig #sg

Skip the other desserts and just get this. It's super value for money and just what you need after a meal here. The coffee granite (basically crushed coffee ice) has a lovely espresso flavour that's not too bitter, and plays wonderfully with the velvety whipped cream that's hand whipped to order. Simple, but perfect.


Take my money already! *throws wallet*
All three of us were united in praise for this seemingly simple dessert of "Coffee Granite with Whipped Cream" at the newly-opened "Venue by Sebastian".
I thought it was brilliantly executed with the granite having the ideal texture of crushed ice that's coarse just enough to be crunchy, not slushy. The coffee flavour was also at an intense level which we loved (so you might not want to have this with a cup of coffee unless you really crave a potent caffeine boost). Equally impressive was the fact that it wasn't too sweet or bitter. I realise that sounds like a weird sentence but with coffee-flavoured items, it's always tricky to achieve an equilibrium.
Cushioning the crystalline ice was the big dollop of decadent voluptuousness in the form of firmly-whipped cream. Make sure to get a bit of both in every spoon - it's your ticket to blissdom.