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Desert Desserts? Never!

Desert Desserts? Never!

Mostly raves, plus a couple of rants about the assortment of sweet treats I have tried.
Veronica Phua
Veronica Phua

When your favourite brand of Mille Crêpes becomes available in Pistachio, one of your all-time favourite flavours for anything, it’s cause for cartwheels of joy.
Besides the pistachio paste which is potent in its distinct toasty-nutty fragrance, crushed pistachios are scattered around the rim too. So this variation of @LadyMsg’s mille crepe cake tastes and feels even more luxurious than usual.
If you want a bite, don’t wait to pop into a Lady M boutique or visit their online store (link in their Instagram bio) because this seasonal flavour is only available for a limited period.

Thanks very much Nikky for arranging this delivery 🤗

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@tspoflove’s take on the trending #BurntCheesecake is special because they are first and foremost, purveyors of direct-from-farm single origin tea from places such as the Phoenix Mountains of China, Taiwan and Sri Lanka.
So for this bake, they have cleverly infused “Da Hong Pao”, an artisanal roasted #Oolong tea from the Wu Yi Mountains of Fujian province that’s regarded as one of the best there. The beautiful lingering fragrance of the full-bodied tea is unmistakable. It permeates each bite with a subtle smoky-sweet, woody-fruit dimension, creating a welcome balancing to the inherent richness of this style of #cheesecake.
At last night’s family dinner, when I sliced it for everyone to share, the consensus was clear - everyone loved it too.

To order, please tap on @tspoflove’s link-in-bio on Instagram or visit:


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Before eating, I followed @restaurantibid’s instructions to pop it into the oven at 180 degrees for 8 minutes. Once it got nice and hot, I cut a slice and topped it with a scoop of their “Milky #Oolong” ice-cream, a flavour Chef-owner @woowaileong describes as “Chinese vanilla” which I find very apt because there is a delicate sweet fragrance to its milkiness. The combination was mesmerising as the soft and chewy #cake exuded its own aroma from the black grains. @huatkaliao while eating, heaped so many compliments on it, I’m sure if cakes could blush, this one would have.


Say this out loud: “Ardèche Chestnut with Rum Ice-cream” and just like that, a yearning for a taste is born. Knowing it is made from scratch in-house by Three MICHELIN Starred “Les Amis” bequeaths that little seed of desire with a sudden growth spurt.
I regale this with confidence having experienced it all. Time was suspended for a few seconds as I contemplated my choices (“Piedmont Hazelnut” and “Blue Mountain Coffee” were doing their darndest to get my attention) but it was my curiosity of whether the “Ardèche Chestnut with Rum Ice-cream” would be a cold and creamy equivalent of a “Mont Blanc” dessert that drowned them out. Well, guess what? I was not wrong. Very, very pleased with my choice. What an astonishment of intense flavour it revealed itself to be.

Priced between $28 and $55 a box, the ice-creams by Chef Sebastien and his team are a steal. Honestly, many of the offerings by Singapore’s Three MICHELIN Starred restaurants have never been as accessible as they are now. So it’s not a bad idea to make the most of this silver lining and #supportlocal as you do your part to #savefnbsg.

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I thought it was astute of @wearesunday to involve many parties (media included) in market research for their NEW takeaway dessert menu that showcases creations of artisanal ice creams layered with handmade sweets and sauce, as well as a churro-waffles hybrid they’ve christened #Chuffles.
It was a privilege to be able to sample these and share my views in a google form for the team at #SundayFolks. Personally, I was very impressed by “The Secret Garden”, an Earl Grey Lavender flavoured ice-cream as it struck a great balance between the floral and tea fragrance. The pieces of lemon lavender cake and almond thins in there were a lovely addition. Would have this again in a heartbeat but I am sure the other two flavours from this collection (each priced at $18 for a pint) of “Treasure Island” (Dark Chocolate Ferrero) and “Yellow Brick Road” (Sea Salt Gula Melaka) are also wonderful. All of them can be pre-ordered via their link-in-bio.

A couple of days ago, Leon, a foodie friend of mine casually texted to say he would be reaching my home in 15mins to drop off “a simple cake”. Well, it turned out to be the loveliest Pandan Cake I have had in years, if not ever. And like I told him afterwards, this variant of cake, as hugely popular with the masses as it is, isn’t one I tend to have strong have feelings for. But wow, did I do a double-take when I bit into this uber-fluffy chiffon from @oldsengchoong. A collaborative effort with @susanne.decochiffon, it boasted a powerful pandan fragrance and a moistness that I’ve never encountered in a chiffon cake. Awestruck, and with my mouth still crammed full of the cake, I immediately tried to order one online for my parents but alas, they had sold out. #sadness.
Oh well, I do hope it will be restocked soonest


Having been floored by Allium’s Choux Buns last week, ordering them again was a foregone conclusion. For this week’s filling, Pastry Chef Lusia created a heavenly blend of Kaya and Gula Aren in Vanilla Cream. Smooth, heavy and voluptuous, it was dazzlingly in fragrance and flavour as the sweetness from the Indonesian palm sugar was of an earthy-rich nature. To me, this filling bears a striking resemblance in taste to a most excellent Chendol.

Be prepared to be stunned into silence by the gigantic Kaya Cream Choux Buns by Pastry Chef @lusianadarusman at @allium.sg.
It tasted so spectacular I gave myself up to the singular pursuit of luxuriating in the pleasure of every bite. How the thin wall of airy-light choux pastry could contain that volume of insanely fragrant kaya and cream filling remains a mystery. But wow, wow, wow.... this is a dessert you should not miss.
To best enjoy the Choux Buns (they are sold as a pair for $18), keep them chilled in the fridge until you are ready to eat. It helps to cut them carefully in half, then swiftly tilt the pieces up onto their sides so the voluptuous kaya cream can be contained. Then close your eyes and take your own sweet time to lose yourself in the moment.

More often than not, the Sticky Date Pudding and the Double Chocolate Blackout Cake are what I find myself wavering between when I’m dining at a @pscafe restaurant and it’s time for dessert. But now, with the launch of #TakeoutwithPS, I am in trouble because what’s stopping me from getting both?! HALP!

To order, please click on the link in @pscafe’s bio on Instagram. And if you self pick-up, you enjoy 20% discount too.



Odette’s Cannelé possesses all the qualities expected of this specialty from the Bordeaux region in France.
The small and fragrant vanilla-flavoured pastry had a dark, almost-burnt, thick caramelised crust. In contrast, its core was very soft, almost like a firm-ish custard. Superbly delectable bite this is.

To place an order for a box or two, please click on the link in @odettesingapore’s bio on Instagram.


I am not usually a fan of “Kueh Salat” but this beauty has got to be the best I‘ve had.
The most striking thing about it is the kaya. Unlike the bright to deep green shade found in many others, this one by Executive Chef-owner Malcolm Lee of One MICHELIN Starred Candlenut Peranakan restaurant is a pale green, and is ultra silky soft and smooth. As mild as the kaya custard looks, it wields surprisingly enormous fragrance, richness and flavour as it’s made from freshly-squeezed coconut milk and pandan juice. Married perfectly with it is steamed “pulut” or glutinous rice that hits the right notes in ratio, moisture and texture. Together, they are formidable enough to have well-meaning diet plans and iron-clad resolutions melt away like butter on a hot pan. My mum will be the first to vouch for that 😂.

If you are keen to try this Kueh Salat (and I recommend you do), please visit Candlenut‘s website to place your order.


This pretty dessert is ideal for those with a sweet tooth as the light-as-air meringue is served with some Crème Anglaise, roasted almonds and crowned with a piece of spun sugar art. I spotted it on nearly every table when I was there which is proof of its popularity.


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