Desert Desserts? Never!

Desert Desserts? Never!

Mostly raves, plus a couple of rants about the assortment of sweet treats I have tried.
Veronica Phua
Veronica Phua

I had a lot of fun creating my own JukHyang Strawberry Tart using the special kit by X @tartebycherylkoh. Even though the result is nothing compared to what professional pastry chefs do on a daily basis, I’m really proud of my efforts 😊
So why not give it a go? And stand a chance to win gift vouchers from while you’re at it. Just tap on their link-in-bio to buy this kit and join SoGoodK’s Instagram Challenge.
Snap a photo of your tart after you have assembled and decorated the baked tart shell (containing almond frangipane) with the Korean JukHyang strawberries and other ingredients provided. Share it on your Instagram account and make sure to tag: #KoreanPremiumProduce
Winners will be decided by invited Chefs and the entries they deem best win the following from SoGoodK:
1st prize: $500 Gift Card
2nd prize: $300 Gift Card
3rd prize: $100 Gift Card
Consolation: $50 Gift Card for 10 winners
I love that all participants in this Instagram Challenge will also get a $10 Credit Voucher for their next purchase on
Moreover, anyone who joins, quite literally, gets to have their cake and eat it too! Well, technically it’s a tart but you know what I mean. And those larger-than-usual Korean JukHyang Strawberries are superb with an ideal combination of sweetness, scent, firm texture. Whether you eat them as part of the tart or on their own.

@paulbakerysg is celebrating a decade here on the little red dot. To commemorate this milestone, they have come up with a selection of unique creations, such as this French choux stuffed with more than 90% D24 durians. It comes as a set of six for $49.90 nett and can be ordered from their online store.

(Gift) Chef-owner @obamatin and his team have, quite literally, levelled up.
Meet the NEW Cubic Entremets - a line of graphic beauties of neat layers that break the mould of the classic French cake with its precise deconstruction. A structural feat all, the ISPAHAN, PUMPKIN PIE and APPLE TART are visual wonders that are designed to surprise and delight tastebuds, whatever taste profiles are favoured.

The red, rose-perfumed beauty of #ISPAHAN features the raspberry in various forms including cheesecake, with lychee. Perfect with a cup of tea, it is ideal for those who appreciate a lift of acidity in their desserts.

Cosy comfort reigns in the golden stratas of #PUMPKINPIE where butternut, speculoos and a tangy apricot and jasmine jam are joined by a pumpkin brûlée to spark an autumnal mood.

Embodied in the green cube is the #APPLETART like you’ve never seen or tasted before. In this marvelous creation, you’ll find matcha chiffon, vanilla apple cream, sweet apple brûlée and a pistachio crunch piled one one top of the other.

Regardless the flavour, it is recommended that each bite should have a bit of every layer to experience the cake at its best.

You can shop for this new collection of Cubic Entemets now via’s link-in-bio on Instagram.

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Cindy, my ex-BBC and then Tripadvisor client (yes, she engaged me for projects when she was leading the regional sales teams at both) has been operating @mood_bites, a home-based bakery business for a while. And she was kind enough to send me a box of her tarts to try.
Elegantly oblong in shape, the pastry crust which was a little on the thick side, tasted fresh and buttery and packed a satisfying crunch. It paired scrumptiously with the assorted fillings she filled each with.
The prettiest and most feminine looking tart award has to go to the Rose Panna Cotta and Lychee which was decked out in pearly lychee boba (pearls) and pistachio for loads of textural fun.
A perk of picking the Berries Delight has to be getting to choose between having the fresh, juicy fruit arranged on a filling of vanilla mousse or a slightly savoury cheese. I chose the former and enjoyed it very much,
Inspired by her favourite drink, Cindy’s Yuzu Meringue Tart was a burst of luscious bright sunshine. If you adore sour citrus desserts, this would be perfect for you.
It’s really hard to pick a favourite from the four tarts but if I had to, the Dark Chocolate with Candied Hazelnuts would be it. With crisp wisps of caramel spun over the top, it spelled decadence with a capital D.

To place an order for @mood_bites’ bakes, please WhatsApp: 8818 8061.

Since quite a few of you asked, yes, you CAN order @spagosingapore’s NEW Lemon Meringue Pie too! It’s only $65 (before GST) for the whole thing and it is worth every damn cent. Not only because of its huge size but for its fabulous scrumptiousness.
The luscious lemon curd in there isn’t some meek thing but so brightly zingy it effortlessly holds its own against the cumulus cloud of meringue on top (I also approve of the meringue’s modulated sweetness). Cradling these elements is a crispy, flaky pastry base that’s rich and buttery.
Besides myself, the family members and friends I cut to share the pie with, also couldn’t stop raving how marvelous it is.

Thanks again Chef Greg and Team Spago for sending me this as part of your care package. It cheered me up brilliantly 🤗💖


@regentsingapore will launch “Chef’s Playground” on 21st April 2021. It’s a creative space for all their chefs (from the Italian chefs at Basilico to the pastry chef for Tea Lounge and Dolcetto), to get creative in the kitchen.
Coming up first will be a Gold-leafed Truffle Ricotta Burnt Cheesecake topped with shavings of Norcia black truffles. The cake itself is incredibly creamy as ricotta seirass, a fresh cow’s milk curd from Piedmont, is used along with cream cheese. Since Italians have a flair for the dramatic, a knob of fresh truffle and a jar of Basilico’s coveted truffle honey (this is insane - I love it!) are also included for further lavishing to your heart’s content.
At 9pm on 21st April 2021, 30 of this Gold-leafed Truffle Ricotta Burnt Cheesecake Sets will be available for purchase online via @regentsingapore’s link-in-bio. So do mark your calendars to standby for this indulgent deliciousness.
To get first dibs on Regent Singapore’s chefs’ upcoming off-the-menu creations, please follow the hotel’s account as that will be where each exclusive release will be announced.

The desserts here are outstanding. We tried every one on the menu and I would happily re-order any of them in a heartbeat but this was one of my favourites.
Exquisitely crafted, the design is meant to mimic the snow-capped Mont Blanc mountain. The chestnut cream is on the inside of the meringue instead of the conventional outside too. To counter the sweetness, it is served with a scoop of blackcurrant sorbet.
Don’t order this to share because you will regret it.


This special Valentine’s Day Gift Set by @laderach_singapore is a real treat! Not only does the beautiful blonde wooden box contain a dozen large Swiss Miss Strawberries, but also a heap of large 56% dark chocolate buttons. Meant to be melted into a thick silky liquid for dipping the fruit in, these are essentially the same chocolate used in most of #Laderach’s hugely popular dark chocolate #frischschoggi variants. And just like wine, chocolate too possesses tasting notes. In this, you can expect to encounter hints of plums, berries and bananas on your palate as you bite into the juicy strawberry.

Pre-orders have begun. To place yours, just tap on @laderach_singapore’s link-in-bio on Instagram.

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@pistachio.everything’s ice-cream (not gelato!) is remarkably creamy, deeply nutty and intense in pistachio flavour, because Kenneth (@themixtapechef) uses the nuts from Bronte, Sicily which are regarded as the best in the world. And to it off, quite literally, each pint has chopped pistachios sprinkled on as well. No wonder @dineshb is obsessed with it. Lucky for me the good man believes in spreading the word about it by spreading the calories, so thank you very much for the treat, Dinesh 😄.

If you are a fan of the nut, this is the ice-cream to order pronto. I think it says on their Instagram that they open for orders every Monday at 12noon. But please double-check.

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A gorgeously crafted structure, this dessert is very well-balanced in flavour and delivers an enjoyable mouthfeel due to its composition of raspberry white chocolate ice cream, butter cookies, tiny crunchy chocolate balls and meringue. It even comes with a show-stopping finale of a flambé of rum right at your table.
Oh, one last thing. Make sure you leave enough belly space for this because it is huge!

Nothing beats gobbling down Bunyols-de-vent (mini donuts) straight out of the fryer. Dusted in cinnamon and sugar, they are still sticky-soft within.
Unless you have a really sweet tooth, I would recommend going easy on the ice-cream and dip as they’re both made with Dulce de Leche and are decidedly sweet. The donuts are already very good on their own anyway.

Although I am not a fan of durians, my family members who are, thought these were lovely. Conveniently packed into cardboard cubes, the durian flavour of the ice-cream was strong and it wasn’t too sweet. They were even little bits of durian flesh mixed into the ice-cream.

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