Signature Kaya Butter Toast

RM2.40 ยท 2 Reviews

Ah Weng koh is famous with the hainan tea and also kaya roti! I always recommended this place to my friends, especially those who likes bread as much as I do! The roti bun is no joke!! I would recommend the bun, but you may also order the steam roti (one slice) to try it! But the bun is my love! I can eat up to 3!! :P


Before Ah Weng Koh relocated to ICC Pudu, it is one of the hundreds of food vendors in Imbi Market. Comparing with the old spot, ICC Pudu is no doubt cleaner and more comfortable. However, the place is still crowded and can't enjoy a peaceful breakfast. Ah Weng Koh's Hainanese coffee (RM2.40) have better taste with ice in my own preference. The signature kaya butter toast (available in buns too) (RM2.40) not really that special but somehow it is making me nostalgic, and also a pair of half boiled eggs (RM2.20), definitely a classic breakfast set for Chinese like me. Wantan mee that order from Sam Kee(Ah Joe) Wantan Mee stall is nice either. Especially their soup. Other than that, the Sisters Crispy Popiah that located just next to wantan mee is scrumptious either. Definitely a nice place to hunt for local food.