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Favorite Place

Favorite Place

Featuring The Tokyo Restaurant, Sitka Eatinghouse & Wine Bar, The Ganga Cafe, Tray Cafe, ChimiChurri, Ah Weng Koh Hainan Tea (阿榮哥海南茶檔), Forêt Blanc (Petaling Jaya), Red Kettle (The Starling), Enfin by James Won, Pu Yuan Restaurant 檏苑小食馆
jionghui lim
jionghui lim
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A good place for family gathering, famous for their clay pot chicken rice, my dad also like it ! We ordered this Thai style seafood which is good! We ordered 4 dishes and cost us around rm200

Always up for healthy bowl. I ordered chicken breast for my protein and pasta as my base. They do have salmon and steak as well (with extra rm3). Price range around rm15.9-rm19.9

Finally I’m back ;) this time I ordered pizza, scones and banana cake. First time for pizza and scone! And the reason why I’m here today is because of the SCONE! And I think I had make a right move !! After eating one, I’m thinking to grab another already, served hot , soft but come with a bit of crunch, every bite is just ~ emmm~ perfect.


Healthy food doesn't mean taste bad, this one is my favorite place when comes to salad bowl :9


Fujiyama deliver creative Japanese dishes. I was shocked when I flipped thru their menu, especially the first page shows different kind of sushi that only cost rm1 per piece !! This salmon belly ohana sushi is highly recommended !! I will definitely ask my friend go for it


A new bar opened at sea park, a new hype place to check out. Food is good, alcohol is even perfect for the girls, ordered 'nv er hong' to share with my girl, we like the taste. And we bet this place gonna be the new hang out place for my girls and i

Pork pork man tou, crispy outside soft inside. Another must order - signature Portuguese tart


Had my late late around 4pm, since it's closed to dinner time, but I was starving so they recommended risotto lemak, which the portion is just right for me. Risotto to replace the usual white rice, no sam all added, but the risotto taste a bit spicy. The fried chicken is good.


The cakes and tarts is something to die for. We ordered banana cake that covered with salted caramel sauces when served and the peanut butter cake. Everyone asking is the cake good. Yes, it is 🤤 not too dry and the size just nice. I wanna go back again, until I try everything 😛


everyone was asking me about the fancy ice cube thing ! It's complimentary fruits provided by the generous owner! Better make reservation before you there, because I can see this place going to be the new hipster place to go, because where to find such good deal?


My current favorite place to dine in! Start with fried French quails with roasted grapes, it only cost rm9 😱 we ordered lamb and seafood as main courses. Chef Yeong is so generous, the main course is served with sough bread, which make me fall in love with this concept 😋 Girls ended their meal with dessert, cendol cake. And everyone was asking me about the fancy ice cube thing ! It's complimentary fruits provided by the generous owner! Where to find such good deal?


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