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Beef & Spinach Omelette

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Set in a quiet Serangoon neighbourhood, this cosy cafe is often filled with dog owners, making it a great spot for an impromptu play date for your pets. There even is a menu of pet food using human grade meats and vegetables, and cooked without seasoning β€” an 80g portion of boiled minced meat starts from $6, and they also serve assorted fruit and vegetables ($3 per portion). They also restrict ingredients that are toxic to pets in their regular menu, so there's no chance of fur kids gobbling up whole onions, chocolates or nuts from the floor. (Dogs are allowed indoors.) Try the Beef & Spinach Omelette ($14), which sees fluffy eggs blanketing a delish wagyu patty beneath. They take their coffee seriously, so you'll be hard pressed to find any fault in their brew, or more reasonable prices! (One of their baristas is the national champion for the Singapore AeroPress Championship 2017.) Sip on a Flat White ($3) or treat yourself to the Metrosexual ($4.50), an alcoholic blend of espresso, gula Melaka and KahlΓΊa.
Avg Price: $20 per person
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Thanks to my dog, @sun_ray_cafe is hands-down my most frequented cafe (don't like having dinners at cafes). Food is great, lots of doggy friends especially weekends & noticeable improvements from last visit 😊 - especially the sharp/acidic dog pee stench is not as pronounced anymore. Previous review: 19Mar

Rating: 8.5/10

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Pros: Food is generally tasty (& my fav out of all dog cafe's)πŸ‘There is a no-dogs dining section too. Prompt service. I like their omelettes here! Home-made breads, tried the brioche it's yummy.

Cons: Stopped having their cake-display desserts as i always get a stale slice (only once i've had a fresh durian cake & that was awesome though)

Price: S$40

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Cosy cafe in a quiet neighbourhood. It's split into two sections, one for regular patrons and another for dog-bringing diners. Have been here frequently and food's generally well executed. Only thing is that they change menu and increase prices pretty often which gets annoying after awhile. Removed some favorites πŸ˜”

Rating: 8/10

Will i return/recommend: Yes/Yes

Pros: Cosy ambience to while your afternoon away! Polite, friendly staffs. Food is usually good. The "Beef and spinach omelette" was awesome 😍 There is a wagyu patty hidden beneath the bread.

Cons: The bread served in picture is not nice. Menu changes and price increases too fast, too often. Dog pee smell getting stronger with each visit (can't speak for the no-dogs section)

Price: S$14 Beef and spinach omelette. Avg spending S$60 for two diners & a dog.