Green Curry Fried Rice

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Imagine green curry paste infused into wok-fried rice. Sounds like a good idea right? Tastes even better! No wonder fellow Burppler Jackson Sim always orders this!


Actually, best green curry fried rice. Period. Ok, that's all.

Most times, out of convenience. Other times, we just love that one thing too much. Just like this green curry fried rice. Look at how beautifully wok-fried this emerald-hued dish is. Each grain remains whole, enveloped by the wok hei and aromas of the spices. You get the fresh notes of lemongrass, the citrusy highlights of kaffir lime leaf, and the earthy accents of galangal and turmeric. How glorious. Ok, that's all.


😂😂😂 we are not in a rush, we ordered it coz @misnoskcaj recommended it. Hehe....


My very awesome lunch this afternoon - green curry fried rice!