Buttermilk Fried Chicken Burger

$5.90 · 2 Reviews

While walking around City Square Mall, i decided to check out this relatively new burger joint and was pleasantly surprised by how good (and not to mention affordable) the Buttermilk Fried Chicken Burger was.

The fried chicken patty was juicy and tender, drenched in a savoury salted egg sauce and came in a generous portion too for its price. The only complaint i had was that there were very limited side dish options (the only choices were onion rings or baked japanese sweet potato).

I’ll definitely be back again if i’m craving for some burgers.

If you’re expecting just ordinary burgers here, you might be just as pleasantly surprised as us! Newly opened in City Square Mall, we fell in love with both their fried chicken burgers and their juicy beef patty. The butter milk fried chicken comes dripping with a creamy, slightly sweet salted egg yolk sauce and was juicy, tender and not to mention huge! Personally preferred the spicy fried chicken a little more which kinda reminded me of the McSpicy (but better).

Don’t expect set meals or even fries, Ordinary Burgers only has one other add-on and that’s a baked Japanese Sweet Potato. Nice but Donki is right downstairs too. 😂