Teriyaki Chicken Signature Rice Bowl

$8.00 · 1 Review

1) Teriyaki Chicken Signature Rice Bowl (S$8.00) with a 63° Egg (+S$1.50): Generous cuts of tender and well-marinated chicken lay atop a bed of piping hot Japanese pearl rice.  Simply oishii!

2) Braised Pork (Lor Bak) Signature Rice Bowl (S$8.00) with a 63° Egg (+S$1.50): The pork is braised to tender perfection.  Jin ho jiak!

3) Lemongrass Cooler (S$3.00): A refreshing house-brewed iced drink that makes a great accompaniment to the savoury rice bowls.

All rice bowls are served with warm and fluffy Japanese pearl rice but diners can opt for Shanghai noodles.  The following top-ups are available: 63° Egg (S$1.50), extra rice (S$1.50) and corn (S$1.00). 🍴

By the way, if you are wondering what the name of the eatery means, here goes the explanation.  Tie Fun Wan (铁饭碗) means “Iron Rice Bowl” and is a Chinese term used to refer to a job that has guaranteed job security, a stable income and good benefits.  Similarly at Tie Fun Wan, diners can be guaranteed of a quality dining experience.  So do go and have some FUN!

Tie Fun Wan
89 Rangoon Road
Unit No.: 01-03
Urban Lofts
Singapore 218375
Tel No.: 9738 6648