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The Prawn Soup Base was simply unforgettable because of its richness, and the quality is comparable with some of those renowned prawn noodles out there. The best way to enjoy it is to constantly scoop the soup into your bowls, so that the staff can regularly refill the pot, just to ensure that the soup does not taste too heavy on sodium. Their other signature soup base — Healthy Collagen — tasted a tad too bland for my liking, or maybe that was just because it was compared against the Prawn Soup Base and the Si-Chuan Soup Base.

Pity that some of the tastier items in the menu are only available as ala-carte items, as those are the ones (read: prawn balls, prawn paste and Japan Kurobuta pork belly) that will probably make me want to come back for more. The rest of the dishes available under the buffet were fine but lacked that surprise, as you would probably get the same stuff from other steamboat buffets.

Their steamboat comes in both ala-carte and buffet dinner options, with the latter priced at S$34.80 for two hours of dining (not inclusive of drinks).