Eat Clean(er) Here!
Salads, Healthy Eat Clean(er) Here! Not sure if this can be considered a "cheat meal" from my usual diet or what... Aiyah for health's sake, just eat lah!
Festive Goodies
Others Festive Goodies Singapore is blessed to be a multi-racial and multi-cultural country. With more festivals to celebrate, let's get fat after all those festive delights that we cannot resist!
Hola Amigo!
Mexican Hola Amigo! Care for some Mexican cuisines? Don't forget to add some Tabasco Sauce!
☪️ Sedap • Bagus • Istimewa
Halal ☪️ Sedap • Bagus • Istimewa Halal certified, so our Muslim community can makan-makan with us too!
東方美食 Oriental Feast
Taiwanese, Chinese 東方美食 Oriental Feast The beauty of Chinese food that makes non-Asians want to learn how to use chopsticks for their meals. Mainly foods from Taiwan, China and Hong Kong. Excludes local delights and hawker fare.
吃 Buffet
Buffets 吃 Buffet When you are feeling so hungry you can swallow a cattle of cows. I'll go for a buffet instead.
The Beverage Counter
Others, Cafes & Coffee, Cocktails The Beverage Counter Take your pick from the list of liquids.
Oktoberfest All Year Long
Western, European Oktoberfest All Year Long Beer, Sausages and Crispy Pork Knuckles. Some sauerkraut by the side please. Essen.