We knew that both the young hawkers had culinary studies background, which explained the appeal in the presentations of their food and signboard.
Food-wise, the prawn soup was no lacking in depth of flavours. The prawns were clearly fresh and cooked nicely, and they were peeled for convenience. Do order the bowl with pork ribs as they were delicious, firm yet fall-off-the-bone type. We liked that even in the dry version, flavouring wasn’t overly salty nor spicy.
Nevertheless, seated right in front of the stall, it was clear there wasn’t a queue despite other surrounding stalls packed with long snaking ones.
Maybe their stall was too modern to appeal to the resident crowd, they prefer other longer standing prawn noodle stalls with lower price points? Not enough exposure to attract the younger foodies yet?
Competition is sure tough though we do hope they’ll do well. After all, they have updated the relevance to a traditional dish, much as continuing the local hawker culture.