overall rating: 6/10
the beef laksa was quite spicy, it’s not for you if you can’t take spice :-). for measurement, i usually eat the lowest level of spice for mala and this beef laksa was a little too much for me. however, the beef portion was generally generous.

not sure if it’s called the fling pasta, but it’s their signature laksa, if i remembered correctly. was quite excited about it since there was truffle but the truffle couldn’t be tasted. apart from being able to smell it when it was first served, this truffle smell or taste didn’t last very long. also, they were very generous with the mushrooms but the pasta portion was not proportionate :-(. also, the sauce was quite salty so after a while, the dish got quite a bit too much for me :-(.

as for the atmosphere, it was fine, but a little noisy like a regular cozy cafe. note that booking is required, at least when i visited it. but since there was a vacant unhooked space inside, we were able to use the space else we had to sit outside. and the owner was kind enough to let us sit in there till the next booking :”)

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