Truth to be told, I only have tasted this dish from two different establishments for now — haven’t been into Chinese cuisine for the most part but my taste buds have been warming to it pretty much because of this dish from Thye Guan Fragrance Hot Pot from the food court near home (they seem to have other outlets in different locations around Singapore) — had been having this as part of my takeaway dinner to share with mum that this was actually the first time we were having it at the food court itself.

It’s not the first time I am posting about it (had done that once during Phase One re-opening after the nation’s “Circuit Breaker”), but I absolutely love how the one here is served boneless — pretty thoughtful for easy eating considering how it comes in chunks and we don’t need to guess which piece comes with bones. Apart from that, the chicken chunks are crisp on the exterior, yet juicy within — carries a good bite while tossed in a myriad of Sichuan chili peppers and salt for a savoury, spicy and slightly numbing note; a comfortable level of spiciness that just tingles the tastebuds for those tolerant to moderate levels of spiciness. Needless to say, it has since become a favourite dish to share at the table, be it with a Mala Xiang Guo to share, or just a dish to compliment my favourite Special Dry Noodle (U-Mian) from Fish & More in the same food court.

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