2 Jul’19, Tue⛅️ ⁣
📍The Connoisseur Concerto (Circular Rd)⁣
- Grilled Snapper with Matcha-Lemongrass Veloute🐟⁣
- Shroom Bites🍄⁣
- Dark Devotion🍰⁣
- Cold Brew☕️⁣

Always a call for dessert to complete the meal right or not~

The cannot-go-wrong chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice cream just did its job so so right~

Warm chocolate oozing out from the chocolate cake, with the ice cold vanilla ice cream, satisfying indeed!

Some berries and that thin butter biscuit-like-love-letter thingy (don’t know how to call that but ya), adding on to the texture and trying to divert you from that little overwhelmed chocolate~

And cos got 50% off, so why not~😬⁣
Food coma after that...😜

Damage: $95.75