Used the Burpple buffet deal. We didn’t expect most of the side dishes to be in the pot already when it was served (meat was served separately). The pot came with so much low value ingredients hidden underneath the fish. Obviously more than what we ordered. But It was difficult to see how much until we started eating. Halfway through our meal, we were told to finish as much as possible to avoid the extra charges for leftovers. In the first place they put in way too much items like bean curd skin and sausages (we obviously did not order so much as we only placed order for 1 portion for most items - one portion shared among two pots). We didn’t even get to order more meat - too full trying to clear the items already in the pot. When we settled the bill, the receipt showed 2 portions for some items which we only ordered 1 portion! We were lucky we didn’t get charged extra.

Food tasted alright but make sure to check your orders and receipt to avoid being charged extra for food wastage. And do compare the prices between using the deal and ordering ala carte.

Overall a fishy experience.