If there’s one thing our community flocks to Sri Petaling for, it’s this delicious dry ramen. The popular Nagoya Mazesoba (RM23) sees chewy noodles, minced pork, melt-in-your-mouth chashu, scallions, seaweed and egg yolk piled in a bowl. Burppler Brry Kh aptly describes it as a Japenese version of chilli pan mee. Enjoy an explosion of flavours — from the savoury pork to the tangy vinegar and the creaminess of the egg yolk. Once you're done with the noodles, you’re given a small scoop of rice to mix with the leftover sauce. Also share the juicy and crispy Pan Fried Gyoza (RM8).
Photo by Burppler Tiffany Ng