Had this when I was exploring new places during lunchtime at work and ended up walking around Aperia Mall. 🤩

- It’s ordinary in taste personally, and barely passable based on the opinions of some bubble tea connoisseurs I personally know
- The wintermelon taste is a little sharp and artificial, but I suppose the dairy aspect of the milk tea helps to somewhat neuter it
- You can’t choose the sweetness level for this one
- They have a rewards program using a physical card, so if you work around the area and often need your fix of bubble teas, HELLO BENEFITS! 🥳

To be honest, I was searching for salad bars, but I’m quite the sucker for uncommon flavours of drinks. 😅 This wasn’t that bad…perhaps something that’s gratifying enough to get by until the next cup of [insert popular chains here] if you’re a casual bubble tea drinker like myself hahaha.