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Oh Sweet God!

Oh Sweet God!

Craving some sweets? This list could help you out with that! You'll find macarons, eclairs, tarts, mini pastries among the encyclopedia of desserts in this list. Hopefully you'll find some SWEET recommendations!
Zul Latiff
Zul Latiff
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Had this back during the Labour Day weekend. I decided to take my mind off things with a ME! time at Percolate, where I had their Pulut Hitam cake.

I thought was pretty ordinary in taste, but I’m kind of sucker for fusion cakes. It could use a little more of that pulut hitam goodness, that’s for sure. 🖤 But I paired it with a cup of their Hot Coconut Chocolate, and it made for the perfect cure to the Sunday blues. 😘 (7/10)


Veganburg Singapore recently hopped onboard the Impossible train! For any burger that you order, you can opt to swap out the regular patty with Impossible for an extra $5. 🙃💸

For those wondering, the Impossible patty is another meat analogue product made with heme. It hails all the way from California, and it made its way to our shores back in March. It seems unthinkable, but there is absolutely no meat in this, which may be disconcerting to those who were born not eating the stuff and have never known how it tastes like. 🤔

Rest assured though - while it does a solid job at mimicking a beef patty, there are still notable differences in the texture as well as the taste. The one thing that definitely separates it from a beef patty is the absence of the beefy-umami flavour. The fact that it barely misses the mark of perfect imitation though, is undeniably a letdown and may make meat-lovers frown. 😪

In addition, the Smoky BBQ burger (with Impossible Patty) had an overwhelming amount of vegannise…what’s up with that?! More BBQ sauce would’ve been nicer, period. 😩 (6.9/10)


My first brown sugar milk experience at another place a little while ago wasn’t the best, I have to admit. The milk was rather sour and the combination with the earthy, caramel-like taste of the brown sugar was awful.

Thankfully, this brown sugar milk drink from Tiger Sugar helped to change my perception of the stuff. It had a less endearing sweetness compared to the regular black milk tea, but it was more honeyed with a hint of caramel. It was pretty delicious I must admit. Still though, the difference is not significant enough to convert me from a black milk tea squad to brown sugar milk team. 😅

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[3/4] I marked this as one of my favourites as the Thai Milk Tea wasn’t heavy/concentrated in flavour. It was surprisingly balanced, which I think is a move to compensate for the doughnut’s sugary exterior. Thankfully, I followed my hunch of getting two of these in my box of 6! 😂


[2/4] This Nutella pun has been done to death, but I guess I can close one eye given the jolt of happiness you can get from one of these. The overflowing Nutella is truly just the tip of the iceberg. Break into one of these to liberate the decadence of the molten, lava-viscous chocolate-hazelnut ganache. 😍😭


[1/4] Four posts about doughnuts incoming! Before that, just wanted to say that I’m super stoked to be selected as a Burpple Tastemaker again. :’) I questioned my interest in writing about food many times in 2018, but I guess you go through peaks and troughs with your interests and that’s okay. 🙏🏽

So anyway, I made my way to Whampoa during my lunch break just to get doughnuts from here. They really make some of the best baked doughnuts I’ve had besides Kakuida.

These plump sugar-laced bombolinis are so soft, and are stuffed pretty generously (albeit not ala Shuu puffs) with filling corresponding to its flavour. It may not look like it from this picture, but truly, looks can be deceiving. Just one bite was enough to send me into a state of bliss, honestly. 😍🙏🏽


On Wednesdays we wear pink, but on Fridays we eat everything pink! (unless it’s raw meat of course 😶)

There isn’t a noticeable difference in the taste of the sakura softserve compared to last year (i.e meek and modest in sweetness and faintly redolent of cherry) which I personally like. I can’t imagine how it’d turn out had the astringency from the floral taste been amped up. 😧

The strawberry calpis soda is the antipode of that however. I swear I scrunched my face a couple of times from how treacle-sweet the syrup was. 😂


[Limited Flavour of the Month!] This is perhaps the collaboration I’ve been waiting on for the longest time. 😻 The usual sweet, toffee, candy-like taste of cookie dough, now amped up with the bitterness and faint floral flavours from the Uji matcha. Whewwwww!


[Seasonal Flavour for Limited Time only] I had a go at Matchaya’s (@matchayasg) latest seasonal flavour, the Shizuoka Oolong. I got as an addition to their Black Honey Popcorn Milk Tea ($5 + $2.50)

It’s like the modest, introverted sister of Houjicha - elegantly toned down in its earthy flavours. It also takes on an icier texture, which does make it refreshing, as opposed to the usual creamy texture which makes it heavy. Not bad, I’d say, especially how it melds with the genmaicha, milk and kuromitsu. A lot of roasted, caramel flavours happening. 🤩 (7.4/10)


[Available on Burpple Beyond] This flavour was part of their Lunar New Year special as well. Aside from being beautifully adorned, they captured the orange flavour so gorgeously - it’s tart but in a very balanced way. 🙌🏼 (8.4/10)


[Available on Burpple Beyond] If there’s one thing that L’eclair excels in, it’s the way they manage to capture the flavours.

Every eclair is not just a delicious choux pastry, but a meticulously designed one that takes into consideration of how each component will hit your tastebuds and palate – especially the brightly-flavoured pineapple custard-cream and the immediately-gratifying pineapple compote that is taking cover in the choux puff. 😍 The finesse and the flair that you can find in one of these is insane. This is truly the work of a pastry chef who doesn’t just have the mastery at what they do, but the unwavering fervour for what they do.

I think this felt like a refreshing and new experience to eat a Pineapple tart even though it doesn’t stray far off from the original in many ways. This has floored me. Without a doubt, they deserve a score like this one. 🤘🏽(9/10)


Beard Papa is currently running Sakura as their seasonal flavour. Given my weakness for the sweet stuff, I really couldn’t resist getting a cookie-crumbled cream puff for myself. 😍

It has a really subdued sweetness to it though, and the flavours present were redolent of a mix of rose and lychee. I’m glad they got it right…I hear concentrated sakura has a tendency to taste like detergent?! Big YIKES. 😨 (7.5/10)

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Calories more like I don't care-lories. Behind the tasty sights lie always a story to be told! 👽

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