Genmaicha + Chocolate Sorbet ($4 - 3 Oz in Cup) Good thing I decided to drop by the area on last Saturday since I was at Suntec City and realised that Shaw Towers will be closing down by next mid-year due to en-bloc. I passed by Tom's Palette for looking Matcha-related flavour before heading to Roma Deli and I'm in luck managed having one-third of Genmaicha left that most of people have been ordering it during day time. Genmaicha looked quite light texture but a bit of milky and creamy aftertaste. Chocolate Sorbet (Non-Dairy) used good standard of chocolate without adding dairy products, tasted like rich defined for dark chocolate and highly recommendation for a variety of ice cream flavour. I will be trying it out for Matcha + After 8 Flavour yesterday. They will be moving out of Shaw Tower on 31 Mar 2020 so don't missed them if you want to try their variety of ice cream flavour.