What a sight for sore eyes! This sumptuous spread of Peranakan dishes included brinjal with sambal and onion, beef rendang, "chap chye", "lor bak", "udang masak nanas" (prawn cooked with pineapple) and "babi pongteh".
Deserving more than a mention is the beef rendang ($15++). Recommended by the waitress who said her other customers love it and have returned often for the dish, I am happy to confirm it made the grade. The meat's very tender and saturated through and through with spices. Love that the dry gravy wasn't oily either.
As for the "udang masak nanas", I found the soup a little too sweet for my liking but my dining companions enjoyed it a lot and slurped with enthusiasm. I have to say that the chef didn't stinge on the "rempah" (spice paste) which is a problem at a few Peranakan restaurants, so the soup here had "power". The prawns (de-shelled save for the head and tail for easy eating) were large and very fresh with a nice firm flesh.