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I wanted something really refreshing and high volume before working out so I got this salad bowl ($17) from Craftsmen Specialty Coffee.

The salad was a generous helping of mesclun greens and pea sprouts. The toppings of fresh pomegranate and mandarin orange slices added a fruity sweetness to the salad. There was also beetroot slices and roasted mushroom in the salad, adding to the texture and color in what would otherwise be a very boring salad. The crowning glory was the feta cheese along with the drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette on top. It was the first time I had feta and I was totally blown away by the way its creamy and salty flavor elevated the salad with the vinaigrette. My dining partner had ordered extra feta ($5), it was so good to sprinkle some of that additional feta on top of my salad. Thank you Craftsmen for showing how a non-boring salad should be done.

We also had an additional order of cheesy scrambled egg ($5) and there was actually a cheese pull when I yanked out a portion of the creamy scrambled eggs. Buttery, bright yellow, cheesy, rich scrambled eggs are absolute perfection. :) worth every dollar!

I also had a Regular iced Cold Brew ($6) and while I was quite disappointed by its 8oz size, it was pretty flavorful. Not the best cold brew out there, but still very satisfactory. A really lovely lunch/brunch place I would love to continue to patronize.