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Cafe Bouncing

Cafe Bouncing

Hopping from weekend brunch to weekend brunch ✌️🦘
Chew Sher Mein
Chew Sher Mein

The Populus strikes gold a second time with their grain bowl. This limited edition seafood bowl ($22.50) was a work of art and tasted as good as it looked :)

The seafood consisted of roasted cod loin, Japanese scallop and flaky crab meat. It was garnished with ginger, pickled cabbage and cucumber and sat atop some Japanese brown rice with mixed grains (quinoa, bulgar wheat and barley).

It tasted really flavorful and just filling enough. The rice grains were just perfectly cooked with a significant bite to them, without being mushy. The cod was a tad dry but still flaked easily with a fork. The Japanese scallops were my favorite; aburi-ed to perfection, sweet and very flavorful. And the vegetables were a delicious medley of crunchy and soft, sweet and sour.

My dining partner was very impressed by this cafe indeed. As was I.


This aesthetic bowl consisted of a colorful assortment of healthy vegetables and salmon resting atop a grain mix of quinoa, red rice and white rice. ($18) There were shredded carrot and beetroot, cherry tomato, edamame, sugar snap peas and lotus root. There was a $6 topup option for mushroom broth.

All the ingredients tasted really fresh and crisp. Its quite rare to find sugar snap peas in a bowl so I was really enjoying the crunch and the sweetness. The grain mix was also delicious, with the quinoa providing a lovely bite against the soft rice. My only gripe was the salmon; it was too thin to be that tender, flaky texture and didn't really have a strong miso flavor which was what I expected.

The cafe is gorgeous though. Floor to ceiling windows allow natural sunlight to stream in. There is a large communal table and the bustling but not too noisy ambience is perfect for getting some work done or people-watching while enjoying a cup of coffee.

This colorful and aesthetically appealing bowl ($24) was so delicious and tasted so clean and healthy!

There was a generous slab of thyme-seared wagyu beef atop three types of grain (quinoa, bulgar wheat and pearl barley). The sides included roasted butternut squash and zucchini, blistered cherry tomatoes, carrot and cabbage slaw, sauteed mixed mushroom and furikake baby corn.

The grain mix was the major highlight for me. Just the perfect mix of textures and grain sizes with a beautiful bite. The sauteed mixed mushroom was super flavorful and juicy, the coleslaw not too heavily dressed, and the vegetables roasted to a sweet perfection. The cherry tomatoes were juicy and provided a good contrast to the crunchy raw slaw and the corn. I also loved the nutty flavors imparted by the sesame seeds in the furikake baby corn.

And the beef; so delightfully pink and tender. Not the best beef or the juiciest, but certainly enough to stand its own in this delicious bowl.

I rarely think grain bowls are worth the price tag because how good can a grain bowl get? Thankfully, Populus has showed me a shining example of a simple grain bowl executed well.


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So much...green haha. I didn't expect a forest when I ordered this dish. This dish consisted of a grilled chicken breast with kale, sprinkled with couscous and some fresh guacamole on top.

The chicken breast, despite it being rather thin, was actually really tender and well seasoned. The kale...I'm not sure if it was supposed to be raw. It tasted kind of weird, especially with a drizzle of oil-based dressing, but its my first time having kale so perhaps I'm just not used to it. The highlight was definitely the guacamole, which added that delicious touch of freshness and creamy richness to the dish.

Its a teeny weeny bit overpriced for $20. But it tasted really clean and the flavors melded really well together (it was actually mostly the guacamole haha) so I don't have any complaints. Plus the cafe is absolutely beautiful with a lovely ambience.


One of the best things to eat after a workout. This lovely platter ($20.80) came with eggs (normally scrambled but I requested poached), sourdough, cherry tomatoes, a sausage, mushrooms and roasted potatoes.

The poached egg didn't have that flowy lava explosion unfortunately. But usually these eggs are a hit or miss. Still, letting the yolk soak into the sourdough made the exchange from scrambled to poached worth it.

The tomatoes were plump and juicy with well-cooked, tender mushrooms. The sausage was so juicy it dripped juices as I cut into it. And the roast potatoes were so crispy without being oily.

I loved the decor and ambience of this cafe, with windows letting natural sunlight stream in, real plants hanging everywhere and very vintagey decorations. The restaurant was quiet and peaceful, and my dining partner and I had such a cosy, intimate brunch. :)

Walked past this place so many times and finally got to try their food. Went for the 180g sirloin with some juicy grilled prawns ($16.90) and the sides were the hot steamed veggie and baked potato (no butter, cause health).

Wow their steak is super bomb; it was so perfectly cooked. I had it medium and it was delightfully tender with a lovely pink center despite it being a rather small piece of meat. And so juicy too; juices were flowing out when I cut into it. So satisfying to take a huge bite and feel the juices spurt onto my tongue. The veggies were delicious and garlicky. :) I almost wish I ordered double sides of the veggies because they were so good.

The prawns were pretty meh. Well grilled but slightly overcooked and a bit small. And only two prawns. But I guess thats normal for such a place.

Still, that steak is so good that its more than enough to cover up for all the other flaws. And the service was excellent, with the friendly manager taking and serving our orders really efficiently.


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I'm not sure what I was thinking when I chose to order this vegetarian wrap ($18) rather than a more 'typical' main. But this was a quesadilla-esque wrap filled with zucchini, eggplant, mushroom and tomato with cheddar cheese. It was served with an artistic swipe of tomato sauce for that extra zing and a mesclun side salad with fruit. I couldn't help but think of Starbucks' egg white wrap as I was eating it haha. It was really good though, very flavorful with the saltiness and savoriness of the cheese melding well with the tanginess of the ratatoutille-inspired filling. The wrap was just nicely crisped and toasted, not too thick or doughy. Portion sizing was perfect.

Its quite funny because the dish was served on a big metal disc. Interesting presentation. Also they serve a complimentary shot of fruit juice in test tubes and my iced Long Black ($6) is in a beaker. Most unique presentation accompanied by the whimsical, pastel colors of the cafe. I really enjoyed my dining experience here.


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Linguine pasta was coated generously with a cream sauce infused with a slight hint of saltiness from miso (my dining partner could identify the miso flavor, but I couldn't). Tossed in the sauce were also onions and generous chunks of salmon. Its garnished with a dash of spring onion, furikake and a scoop of bright orange ikura.

The sauce impressed me because it was deceptively light and didn't coat my tongue in a film of oil and cream. The pasta was a perfect al dente and I really liked the mouthfeel between the crunchy onion and the juicy pops of ikura. The salmon was perfectly cooked, fork tender and the natural sweetness of the salmon and saltiness of the miso was a perfect marriage of flavors and seasonings.

All in all, a classic, well-executed carbonara dish. ($19)


This behemoth sandwich ($15) was composed of two thick sourdough slices lightly smeared with yogurt mayo sandwiching a HUGE portion of marinated chicken as well as cucumber and tomato slices. It came with a hefty side of greens as well.

The sourdough was really good. The generous slices were grilled to a crispy, toasty perfection which could stand up to the mayo and wet vegetables without turning soggy. The chicken was spiced with Middle Eastern flavors, kind of tasting like a more atas version of kebab chicken. The yogurt mayo was light and tangy without being overpowering. And the greens balanced out the meal with their refreshing lightness and just the slightest hint of dressing.

These simple elements came together to form a simple but well-executed, flavorful, filling sandwich. (yes, sandwiches don't have to be boring or overly complex :D) Pair it with one of Kith's excellent coffees like the Iced Coffee ($5.50) made with their signature blend of beans for a complete, satisfying meal.


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This was $12 but while the portion was still huge, this felt less worth it than the truffle fries. The hot, crispy chicken pieces came resting on a bed of greens drizzled generously with mayo, cheese sauce and sweet chili sauce.

I felt that the chicken pieces could be larger? Better batter to chicken ratio. They tasted like they had come out from a packet and just refried. Also there didn't seem to be any distinctive 'cajun' flavoring to them aside from a slight spiciness in the seasoning.

Still a delicious, fun sharing plate. Just that I expected more for the price.


This golden pile of truffle-scented deep-fried potatoes cost $12 and was an absolutely gigantic portion (the plate was huge). It was garnished with a sprinkle of parsley and parmesan cheese.

I love my fries thick-cut over shoestring, so this was right up my alley. They were served piping hot and crispy with a side of mayonnaise, although I definitely prefer my fries with ketchup. I like my truffle fries not too overpoweringly seasoned with truffle, so Kith Cafe's version was just nice for me with its subtle, mild truffle aftertaste. However, die-hard fans of truffle might not find the amount of truffle sufficient.

My favorite dish at this particular trip to Kith cafe :)


This tasting flight comes with a set of 3 mini savory souffles. From bottom to top, these are the Truffled Mushroom, Roquefort and Laksa Souffles. These cost $32 but I used the 1 for 1 Burpple Beyond deal to get 2 mains for the price of 1.

My personal favorite (and also the favorite of my dining partner) was the Truffled Mushroom. The souffle itself was lightly flavored with chunks of mushroom. There is nothing subtle about the truffle taste though (the truffle was in the sauce) and it hit my palate like a baseball bat. There's something so delicious about the airy souffle with the creamy sauce, and the mild mushroom with the almost-overpowering truffle.

The Roquefort had complex cheesy notes to it. It was a perfect balance between the lightness of the souffle and the savory saltiness of the cheese. It was a nice palate cleanser between bites of the other two much richer souffles.

My dining partner was impressed by the Laksa souffle sauce. The souffle itself didn't have much taste, so the spicy, coconutty flavors of the laksa sauce could shine through. I felt it was too viscous and thick to be 'classic' laksa, but still a daring twist of one of Singapore's best-loved local dishes.

Altogether, my dining partner and I enjoyed this short flight through this world of modern French fusion cuisine.


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