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Cafe Bouncing

Cafe Bouncing

Hopping from weekend brunch to weekend brunch ✌️🦘
Chew Sher Mein
Chew Sher Mein

One would not be blamed for wondering why a sandwich would cost $20. But this one is super decadent and took me to Paris in one bite.

First mouthful and the immediate thing I notice is that toasted buttery brioche. It is so crunchy yet just falls apart and melts in the mouth, almost like cake. Its not like any brioche I've ever had, it is so rich and decadent.

Then there's that beautiful steak, which despite its thinness is still perfectly pink in the center, with the sunny side up egg with its rich yolky flavor. Tying everything together is the sweetness of caramelized onion (the classic combination of beef, onion and egg cannot go wrong) and creamy mayo.

This dish is basically a slab of ciabatta, slathered with smashed avocado and nori jam and topped with crispy kale. It normally comes with scrambled eggs but for the sake of yolk porn I changed it to two organic jammy eggs (no regrets!).

At first I took a bite and was like 'ugh, my mouth is just chock full of vegetables and the nori jam is so seaweedy and overpowering' but eventually the medley of flavors and textures grew on me. The ciabatta is dense and chewy while the avocado is soft and creamy. The kale adds a crispy, flaky crunch and a hint of earthiness. The gooey yolk is resplendent with umami. So overall I think I really liked it haha. The Mediterranean vibes are real, with the exotic blend of flavors and complex creamy textures.


The classic brunch set cost only $9.90 and I added $4 for some grilled chicken. I had my eggs done in an omelette style. I love the omelette, its really fluffy and well-seasoned. Their toasted bread is really good, with really good quality butter and jam. The chicken is a little oily, but it's in a reasonable portion and not rubbery. Altogether it's a homely, comforting balanced healthy meal. Perfect to go with some of their excellent black coffee and watch the world go by.


Two runny eggs with just-set whites and gooey runny yolks, simmering in a tangy tomato sauce of bacon, baked beans, spinach and peppers. There's also two slices of toasted sourdough for dipping. ($15)

It's a light, simple dish but with great flavor. I loved the yolk mixed with tomato sauce and dunking a slice of sourdough into that saucy mixture. Also that slab of butter makes a great difference. :) There's something about buttered sourdough that makes it so delicious. I couldn't tell whether the sauce was house-made or canned though. 🤔

Also doesn't it look just so super aesthetically appealing?


This incredibly aesthetically appealing dish consists of shimeiji mushrooms cooked in a cream sauce with cherry tomatoes, topped on two slices of sourdough toast. ($14) An additional $3 will get you a portion of scrambled eggs.

Look at how perfect and fluffy those bright yellow eggs are! 😍🥚And they did taste amazing; so creamy and well-seasoned. The cherry tomato which gave the otherwise one-dimensional cream sauce a fruity, acidic tang and prevented it from getting jelak. I like how the sourdough soaked up that delicious sauce. It was like dunking bread in creamy soup which is just the most comforting thing ever. And of course, everything was smothered by that layer of freshly grated cheese.


What a cute name 😂 The basket ($15) is filled with piping hot potato wedges, fried chicken chunks and crab balls. It also comes with two dipping sauces (sour cream/tomato salsa and some sweet and sour sauce).

I took some maple syrup from the pancakes and drizzled it on my fried chicken, and OMG. Lifechanging. This is why people put fried chicken on waffles; it's a good reason to drizzle maple syrup all over it. 😅 The chicken itself is super flavorful too; underneath the crispy batter there were marinated, juicy chicken thigh chunks.

The crab balls were really good too; it's made with legit crab meat and seasoned really well, just falling apart when you bite into it.

Even the potato wedges were coated in such a delicious crispy batter and had such a wonderful crunch as I bit into them. 👍 Dipping into the various sauces available was super fun.

A reasonable portion for $15. A hearty tomato stew filled with vegetables, garbanzo beans and chunks of chorizo with two eggs poached in it, and topped with some crushed wasabi peas. Its served with a few triangles of toasted sourdough.

It was served piping hot and the eggs were just set. The yolk was soft and just solid enough to spread like jam over the toast. And the sauce was tangy and the sausage was really delicious, with the garbanzo beans adding a nice texture to the sauce. The sourdough soaked up all that delicious flavor and paired beautifully with the eggs.

The final touch was the wasabi peas which added just that kick of spiciness and flavor. It's just really comforting and hot and delicious.


What a strange combination, prawn and asparagus and egg. A very cheery and aesthetically pleasing dish with a pale yellow omelette resting on a slice of sourdough, garnished with cherry tomato, sprouts, grated parmesan, feta cheese and cute sakura ebi. ($19)

The omelette is delightfully creamy on the inside and they are generous with the prawns which is good. The asparagus is thankfully not very prominent and consists of tiny chunks of the green vegetable. I was surprised at how bland the omelette is, but realized the salty feta and the ebi is supposed to balance out the flavor of the omelette.

The sourdough is a rather small portion. I would have liked a thicker and chunkier sourdough to mop up the delicious egg juices.



These popcorn chicken bites ($18) are made of fresh chicken thigh battered with a buttermilk and spice mix and served with a trio of dipping sauces (Congo bongo, mango chili marmalade and house made chili).

Personally I like my popcorn chicken big and chunky, and these were unfortunately not that. The meat to batter ratio seemed slightly off. They were piping hot, crispy and seasoned well though and each dipping sauce brought forth its own unique flavor profile. My favorite was the sweet and spicy mango chili marmalade with its refreshing fruity undertones.


This is a huge plate of cauliflower ($15) which has been lightly steamed then crisped up slightly to give a slight blush of brown to these florets. It's lightly sprinkled with dukkha (a herb and spice condiment) and dressed with some Dijon dressing and sunflower seeds.

It was steaming hot and I had to let it cool a bit before I could comfortably tuck into the food. The cauliflower was cooked well with just the right amount of crunch and softness. The Dijon had a slightly sourish tang (which my dining partner disliked but I didn't mind because cauliflower is generally flavorless and it elevated the taste a little) and the sunflower seeds provided a welcome crunch.

Altogether, a rather well thought-out, well put-together vegetable dish perfect for snacking.



This dish ($28) consists of chicken thigh cubes in a peanut and habanero-based curry. I was not expecting it to be as spicy as it was wow. I was really looking forward to a rich savory and sweet peanut butter flavor, but unfortunately I didn't taste any. :(

I did however, like the unique creamy, not-too-oily texture of this curry which went very well with the basmati rice it was served with. Chicken was also cooked well and really tender. The portion however, was really small, especially for big eaters. (A recurring problem with the dishes my dining partner and I ordered :/)


The trio of dips ($14.50) comes with a choice of 3 dips along with a basket of crostini which are brushed with rosemary olive oil and toasted to a crunchy perfection. My dining partner and I chose the smoky roasted pepper, hummus and tzatziki.

Oh my goodness the tzatziki was by far my favorite. It was tangy, creamy and refreshing and seasoned perfectly. There wasn't that jarring sour taste and texture I tend to associate with Greek yogurt. The smoky pepper has just the tiniest dash of heat, while the hummus is rich with a slight lemony flavor.

Overall, this is a super addictive and delicious starter but a tad messy because the crumbs from the crostini keep going everywhere. 😂


I lift 💪🏻 I eat 🍩 I science 🤓

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