Saw so many posts online raving about Penang Heng Heng Handmade Noodles so we were here to try it!

We arrived at 10am (opening hours as stated on google map) only to be told by the stall owner that they were still preparing and can only start serving at 1030am. Not sure if it was just a one off timing for our day of visit or everyday is the same 1030am then start selling (pet peeve for me is when the opening hours are different from what they state on google map😖). So we ended up waiting there for 33mins before our food was finally served 🥲

But thankfully it was a very good bowl of noodles!! We got the dry ban mian and dry meehoonkueh. At first when we saw the white colour noodles, we wondered if any black sauce was even added. But fret not, once you mix up the meat sauce w the noodles, it will turn brown! For spicy eaters, be sure to take the sambal chilli sauce at the counter! Super shiok when it is mixed in!

The noodles were also the best banmian i have ever eaten in SG! Chewy noodles are best! Banmian was more chewy than the meehoonkueh!

If you love their sambal chilli sauce, you can also buy home a tub at $5 each!

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