[Invited Tasting] Dear fellow eastie, looking for somewhere affordable to jiak during lunch time? It’s time to visit @thechopchopselections at @thebedokmarketplace . Currently, the store is having lunch promotion whereby you can get a main at just $5/$6 and you can just top up $3 to get a 2nd plate of the same kind! Hehe, time to jio a makan kaki to eat together! 🍽 Chef Special: Laksa Pasta (with prawns, crispy tau pok soak in laksa gravy and hard boiled egg) - $6
🍽 Chef Curry Rice (Chicken Cultlet/ Tender Pork Chop/ Pan Seared Dory Fish) -$5
🍽 Siok Bak Peng (crackling roast pork belly peng with special pineapple sauce and refreshing achar) -$5

My personal preference would be the laksa pasta and that the spicy level was mild and just to my liking. Overall, the store is generous with their food portion and do note that the lunch menu is only available from 12pm to 2.30pm.
Thank you @makanwarrior for the invite and @thechopchopselections for hosting! πŸ“ The Chop Chop Selections, The Bedok Market Place
πŸ™…πŸ»β€β™€οΈ Store is closed on: Monday