Saw Veronica’s story on them and was so enticed to get a bowl for myself but boy was it tough trying to call through to them to place an order. Finally managed to get hold of them after about a dozen calls (nope, no exaggerating ‘cause even when I was there to collect, their phone was ringing non stop)⁣

Super stoked to try it because throughout the train ride home, all I could smell was the claypot fragrance which really worked up my appetite. Unlike other stalls, their rice is prepared together with the charcoal fire rather than being pre-steamed (which explains the long waiting time), and the ingredients are place on top once the rice is done.⁣

For takeaways, the rice is scooped out and given a good stir with a mix of black soya sauce and oil by the staff, before placing it into the takeaway box with the rest of the ingredients. I love every bit of the slightly charred and well seasoned rice, and were I dining there, would have scraped up every last bits stuck on the pot. The tender chicken chunks and tasty lupcheong had soaked up the aroma of the entire dish, a testament to its long cooking duration.⁣

For anyone interested, you can call them at 6227 2470 to pre-order before picking it up! Mind you, I called the moment they are opened at 430pm, but was told to collect it 2 hours later! So, do call in early to prevent disappointment!