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Alicia Ho

The Beef Skewers here were tough and dry, seemingly overcooked, so save the calories and try the other skewers available on the menu. The Chicken skewers on the other hand though, were delicious! Tender, juicy and sweet, the smoky notes from the grill and the seasoning complemented well and this was one of the well loved skewers at the table.

All in all, this is the place to go for if you're looking for affordable drinks and bar grub! Can't wait to head back again!

For the non-meat skewers, I enjoy the King Oyster Mushrooms the most, where the shrooms were still juicy and intact, where other places would have grilled till it turned dry with charred bits. The natural sweet flavour of the mushrooms were enhanced by the smoky notes from the grill and the spiced seasoning, definitely a must order here!

The Beancurd Skin was a tad disappointing as the large pieces of beancurd skin only had seasoning on the outside while the layers within was bland, making this rather tasteless and dry after a while. My friends and I also got full on this after a while so you can give this a miss if you want to make full use of the Burpple Beyond 1 - 1 deal.

Man, this pseudo CB that we are in right now makes me miss the skewers I had at Taan just last month. Utilised my Burpple Beyond deal and got 60 sticks to share among a group of 5 which was more than enough. This was the perfect place for bar grub, offering a great variety of skewers with different seasonings. Had initially thought this was a Japanese stall from all the Kirin, sake and Highball that I see on their drinks menu (yes, drinks are my priority) but found out they were more of a fusion, what with the skewers tasting akin to Chinese lok lok.

The skewers here are pretty bold in flavour and thirst inducing, as the sodium in each skewer were pretty high. Nevertheless, since they were prepared over a charcoal grill, they were still an oily, delicious mess that I'd happily devour.

This is what comfort food looks like! I consider this the cousin of steamboat, where it comes with fragrant and deliciously thick gravy in replacement of the usual broth. While I mention gravy, it's certainly still light enough for you to down bowls after bowls. The base comes with chicken meat thrown in, so all you got to do is order your choice of mains (rice, noodles, vermicelli) or side dishes such as mushrooms, vegetables, luncheon meat etc. to go along with it. The broth is refillable, though they refill it with chicken stock which dilutes the taste of the gravy, so ration if you can 😂

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Ordered a bowl of mee sua along with their famed porridge here and I’m rather disappointed with this. While it’s termed mee sua, it spots a different texture from the mee sua I’m so accustomed to and actually tastes more like 米线.

I love the heap of diced garlic thrown in though, making this dish a lot more fragrant, giving a different texture to the bite along with the generous amount of sliced pork.

Was so intrigued by the name of this dish I got to give it a try! While it’s “fried” cause of the direct translation, it’s actually 炒粥.

Definitely one of the must try dish here, since it’s their signature. Any hints of gamines from the generous amount of offal within would have been covered by the strong wok hei taste emitting from this fragrant porridge, which was deeply rich and savoury.


Kudos to the chef for the knife work, having sliced the silken tofu so thinly without the slightest crack on them. This was a flavourful dish and the sauce goes well with rice! This happened to be one of their signature dish so you can consider giving it a try!

Was utterly disappointed with the food here I didn’t even bother editing my photos. Ordered 辣子鸡 and it came with that few bits of Chili padi. Initially thought, perhaps those are for decoration, the chicken might have been marinated or seasoned with chilli but no, these were barely spicy. The diced chicken were crispy and decent, and I feel I probably wouldn’t be as annoyed had I not know it was 辣子鸡。

Toasted Buns ($1) was unimpressive. I enjoyed the seasoning dusted upon it but not the bun. It might have been toasted a tad too long and boy was the bun dry. While it may look like 2 buns, let me assure you, it’s one bun, sliced in half and I would suggest giving it a miss cause it wasn’t worth paying $1 for a mantou.

Regardless, the meal here seems to leave you craving for water.

The Grilled Enoki Mushroom Wrapped with Pork ($1.50) was dismal. What would otherwise had been an amazing bite sized nibble at a normal BBQ party, was badly done here. The enoki mushroom had all but shrivelled up and was devoid of juice, and don’t get me started on the pork. The plating was pitiful too, mind you, it came looking like that, I didn’t unwrap it 🥺

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Rather disappointing a meal, I’d say. Their Grilled Fish with Pickled Mustard Greens was one of their specialty and a recommended dish as mentioned on the menu, but I was left sorely disappointed. Fish was pretty textbook, nothing much to shout about. Sodium level was sky high and you’d find yourself chugging water through a restless night of sleep.

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