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Staying true to mah roots and eating all things Asian
Alicia Ho
Alicia Ho

My family has an unhealthy obsession with duck rice, seeming to eat once every week. Nonetheless, this is one of the better ones I’ve tasted, with tender meat and fragrant rice! Though, I still pretty much prefer my Yukee Duck Rice hahaha

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Salted Baked Chicken is a traditional Hakka dish, prepared by encasing the chicken in a bed of salt before being wrapped up like a present, to be unwrapped by you later on. The result is a chicken that's not at all dry, soaked in its juice, where all its essence is being reabsorbed into the tender, succulent chicken. Paired it with a bowl of rice and their tangy chili sauce and it makes for a delightful meal.

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I believe over ordering at Swee Choon is a common problem, regardless of whether you’re dining there or not. Tell me I’m not the only one?

Takeaway for Father’s Day but the taste is definitely different from dining in. Cold, lumpy and soggy, it was a disappointment for sure but understandable given that it’s takeaway.

Got Ngoh Hiang to accompany our meal and was a tad disappointed. No doubt they were bursting with ingredients and aromatic, but this five spice pork rolls could have brought with it a little crunch. Not sure if there were water chestnuts within it, which could have given them a much needed crunch, but the beancurd skin could have been crispier. Takeaway might have affected it's quality, but it's still a pretty decent spring roll if you're looking for one!

Ordered Gong Bao Frog Leg, but ended up with Ginger and Spring Onion Frog Leg instead. Still good nonetheless, with the flavours bringing about a sense of familiarity and homeliness.⁣

What I particularly like was the Poached Chicken with Sichuan Pepper, utterly tender and succulent, I would say the accompanying sauce was what made this entire dish stand out. Spicy, fragrant and a little numbing, it gave what would otherwise be a regular poached chicken, a much needed kick.

Wanted to avoid the Mother's Day delivery horror that we faced, so we decided to celebrate Father's Day a little earlier this time round. My dad is a typical Asian man who holds tradition in high regards. He's a no frills kinda guy, doesn't appreciate western food and prefers his usual 三菜一汤. And once he has set his sights on something, he doesn't budge from it. For example, he really enjoys the food at Soup Restaurant. So for every occasion (birthday, wedding anniversaries, father's day), when you ask him what he would like to have, the answer is the same. God knows how many times I have dine there.⁣⁣

So this time round, I decided to spice things up a little and ordered from @yunnanssg instead. Chanced upon their set menu which looks incredibly affordable - a total of 8 dishes + 1 dessert set me back at just $88! Their Deep Fried Prawns with Salted Egg Yolk & Jasmine Petal, Charcoal Grilled Pork Belly and Braised Wild Porcini Mushroom were really appetising! ⁣⁣

They currently have a 25% discount for their Father's Day Set Menu, so if you have yet to decide what to order in for Father's Day, you should definitely give them a try. Ordering is via the link in their bio.

Was tasked to buy lunch back for the fam after giving my tresses some much needed grooming and changed upon Lau Wang Claypot while wandering around the neighbourhood. Did a quick Google search and the reviews all seemed promising so I decided to give them a try, afterall, claypot dishes on a rainy day sounds like a perfect combination to me!⁣

Their signature dish has got to be the Sesame Chicken, which comprises of aplenty of boneless chicken chunks doused in thick gravy. They certainly didn't skimp on their chicken, judging by the amount they threw in. Every bite brought with it the sweet, nuttiness scent of sesame oil, having absorbed all the flavours of the gravy. Definitely lived up to its reputation!

Mom went out for a grocery run and was so happy to find that this famous braised duck stall is still open; she claims they are usually sold out by late afternoon. Bought half a braised duck back at $18, not including the egg and duck gizzard, and I can see the appeal. The aromatic gravy doused over the duck does bring out the flavour of the meat, which was tender and succulent to say the least. My only gripe was their yam rice though, which lack fragrance and didn’t differ much from a normal bowl of white rice.

Saw Veronica’s story on them and was so enticed to get a bowl for myself but boy was it tough trying to call through to them to place an order. Finally managed to get hold of them after about a dozen calls (nope, no exaggerating ‘cause even when I was there to collect, their phone was ringing non stop)⁣

Super stoked to try it because throughout the train ride home, all I could smell was the claypot fragrance which really worked up my appetite. Unlike other stalls, their rice is prepared together with the charcoal fire rather than being pre-steamed (which explains the long waiting time), and the ingredients are place on top once the rice is done.⁣

For takeaways, the rice is scooped out and given a good stir with a mix of black soya sauce and oil by the staff, before placing it into the takeaway box with the rest of the ingredients. I love every bit of the slightly charred and well seasoned rice, and were I dining there, would have scraped up every last bits stuck on the pot. The tender chicken chunks and tasty lupcheong had soaked up the aroma of the entire dish, a testament to its long cooking duration.⁣

For anyone interested, you can call them at 6227 2470 to pre-order before picking it up! Mind you, I called the moment they are opened at 430pm, but was told to collect it 2 hours later! So, do call in early to prevent disappointment!

Saw highly raved reviews for this mee hoon kueh all over my social media and gave in to temptation. I believe my expectations was raised up the bar with all the reviews, and that’s probably why I felt it’s a little, meh. No doubt, the broth was tasty, but it seemed to lack the oomph factor which made it stands out. The downside of having takeaway is that the noodles all clumped together by the time it’s delivered, which I believe affected it’s texture. Got myself a bottle of their chilli too, as recommended by so many people and I have no regrets. It sure carries a punch and pairs well with almost anything ! Overall a decent bowl but would I order it again? Maybe, once CB ends and I can dine in to taste the difference.

Beauty In the Pot delivery! Haven't had the chance to patronised them so I'm really glad they are offering free islandwide delivery now for orders above $50. Don't worry, it's pretty easy to hit the minimum order with any of their set selection, which are all very worthwhile! A healthy balance of carbs, protein and veggies, the ingredients were all kept fresh in a complimentary cooler bag, with the meat being packed with ice pack within the tupperware as well. There’s 20% off food bill for takeaway for restaurants under @paradisegrpsg now, mai tu liao!

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