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Staying true to mah roots and eating all things Asian
Alicia Ho
Alicia Ho
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Pretty tasty but it’s rather pricey for a bowl of pho

This rather unassuming place with LED lights ‘shouting’ at you might not be a very inviting scene but I assure you, their food will prove you otherwise. For an affordable price, I got the seafood platter in clear broth which was extremely tasty and not bland at all like I expected it to be. As evident, there’s a variety of seafood which were all fresh and succulent, with the veggies soaking up every bit of the essence from the seafood in the broth. Definitely coming back again!⁣

I feel like I gained 2kg just by eating this

Caramelised Char Siew was ahhmazing! Utterly fatty, succulent and cholesterol inducing, this is definitely a must order when you dine here otherwise, why are you even here?⁣

The noodles, which were listed in the same section as their rice, is not to be underestimated. This springy noodles, topped with minced meat were really flavourful and further enhanced by the pork lard. Pairing it with their signature char siew and siew yoke is bound to bring you to foodie heaven 🤩⁣⁣

Simple food for the sick soul. Initially, I thought the porridge was a bit bland and added in some pepper and soy sauce but it’s still the same. My friend said he never had that issue when he dined here and tried a mouth from my bowl. Turns out, I lost my taste buds cause of all the medicine I’ve been taking hahahahaha will be coming back again when I get my sense of taste back! ⁣⁣

Backed to my favourite haunt near the workplace! The Miso Mushroom Noodle is ever so addictive, packed with springy noodles and a plentiful portion of braised mushrooms, seaweed and fries shallots.

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Decided to try something different and did not pair it with my usual Fried Pierogi, but instead, got the Momo Curry. While it was not as good as the Fried Pierogi, I thought it was still pretty decent and worth a try!⁣

I prefer their dough fritters, which was fried to a crispy golden brown and served piping hot ☺️


Went for a late night dinner at Boon Tong Kee and I still don’t think their chicken is that great though. Am I the only one? 🤔

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Feeling a little under the weather and I guess this calls for fish soup! Maybe it’s just me, but fish soup always feels like sick people’s food to me. Am I the only one? 😅⁣


Finally paid them a visit given how near they are to my workplace. Eggy and springy noodles paired with duck confit, which albeit fragrant, was slightly on the dry side. This was a premium bowl of wanton noodles made affordable with Burpple Beyond 1-1 👍🏼 ⁣


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