Used Burpple Beyond to get the truffle hound, fries and milkshake. Note that you don’t usually get to pick a hot dog with Burpple Beyond but was able to do so as there was a power outage and the burgers were unavailable (good job to the staff for calling us ahead of time as we made a reservation and being flexible to offer us this alternative). The set was $32 (without the 1-1). The fries were ok but not memorable and was served with bbq sauce. Tip is to ask for chilli sauce as they do provide actual chilli (think coney dogs) which was a nice surprise. We chose a beef hot dog (as opposed to chicken) and it was a good quality hot dog. The truffle sauce is nice but wish there was a bit more evenly covering the hot dog. The bread used was not a typical hot dog bun and not to my liking as it was slathered in tomato ketchup. There was also some mushrooms but they were small and few in number so didn’t do much to enhance taste or texture. The winner for me was the milkshake. It was thick (which is how all milkshakes should be done) and tasty.

The portions are generous but on the whole I thought $32 was a bit steep to pay for a meal although would probably consider patronising again but only with the Burpple Beyond app.. or maybe just to get a milkshake ($10).