Pandan Shake
Either a wow or a pandan-mic experience in your mouth if you’re not a fan of asian flavours in a shake. It’s a tad too much for the husband who found it too cloying after a while. You must, MUST be a lover of gula Melaka, pandan and shredded coconut bits. At some point, it was a tad too filling for me too. For a million calories going down your body, it must be really worth it - and also - something you really like! I appreciate how the taste of gula Melaka was prominent, the shredded coconut added loads of mouthfeel to an otherwise thicccc, cloying drink. But again, it could be too rich to finish by oneself! Also, this was extremely sweet. It didn’t taste as ‘premium’ or worth it as the shakes from five guys! Objectively speaking, this was my first from Shake Shack and it could well be a Jewel special that’s a tad too Asian and sweet for my tastebud.

Shack attack!
Ohhhh this is quite an alcoholic’s dream come true, except that it could be better harmonised in terms of the chocolatey layers. While I love the strong chocolatey goodness coming through from the ice cream, I don’t quite enjoy the dark chocolate squares that came along with it. Had I wanted chocolate squares, I would have eaten chocs. I don’t need them in my ice cream??!?! Also, they were dark chocolate squares which added unnecessary bitterness to my dessert ): The contrasting flavours and mouthfeel just didn’t quite gel, unfortunately.

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