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i scream... on waffles, toasts, brownies! 🤩

i scream... on waffles, toasts, brownies! 🤩

Ice cream, gelato, soft served, waffles, roasts, buns. Anything hot and cold and comfortingly sweet
Chubby Cheeks
Chubby Cheeks

This was my dessert as part of the daily set lunch. It’s definitely slightly more than a scoop of coconut ice cream. x1.5 of the regular scoop I believe? For coconut lovers, this completes your Thai experience! Without being overly coconut-y nor jelat, it’s the perfect sweet ending to your meal!

Raspberry, lychee bits and some biscuity goodness, swirled (or rather SHAKE-D) evenly with Shake Shack's signature vanilla custard. How could this go wrong? Definitely the zhng-ed up version of mcflurry. Of course, not cheap by fast food standards but would i return again? Yes! For they're real lychee and raspberry bits (i.e not flavourings!)

These beautiful scoops screams "sexaye-me!". Rich, fragrant aroma of sesame - creamy and slightly grainy. Not too sweet too -great for fans of nutty-ish, less-sweet ice cream.

Saffron flavoured booza drenched generously with pistachio nuts! Less creamy than ice cream (it’s not ice cream!) and tasted a little more ‘icy’. I was expecting a more ‘chewy’ texture - to the likes of Anderson’s ice cream- but nope, it wasn’t. An interesting rendition of ice cream 🍦

It’s shake shack’s signature custard! Extremely milky and creamy, with aromatic vanilla - I don’t see vanilla beans so i wouldn’t say real vanilla pods were directly involved in the making of the frozen custard but at the very least, the vanilla didn’t taste artificial! Comes with free-flow chocolate rice/rainbow sprinkles!

Loving this unique soft serve sprinkled generously with coconut flakes! Each bite was filled with ‘bite’ due to the tremendous amount of coconut flakes in this. I like it that the coconut taste wasn’t too overwhelming. I got this with Burpple beyond 1-1, which makes this slightly cheaper than McDonald’s McFlurry creations!

The boyfriend had this and commented “very rich and chocolatey” And yup, true that! It was really rich - with real chocolatey fragrance (thankfully), not the artificial chocolate flavouring that leaves a bad taste in the mouth. The prep work for this was pretty instagramnable, where the store assistant actually torched the marshmallows before our eyes. The blend of ingredients makes this a pretty good dessert, tho the cookie crumbles weren’t really necessary (+points for looks but no additional taste as the chocolate soft serve masked the biscuity fragrance). Because it’s soft served, it melted really quickly under the hot sun. So have it indoors if you can!

Hole-in-the-hut neighbourhood ice cream cafe (with some light mains). Love it that the menu is extremely price-friendly - with gelatos going at just $6.50 for double scoops of classic flavours, +$0.50 for cone. I tried the strawberry 🍓 + hazelnut flavours. Be assured that quality ingredients goes into the making of each tub, with strawberry seeds and bits within the ice cream ball. Hazelnut was really really fragrant too! The waffle cone was crispy, with hints of buttery fragrance too

The cup of hot chocolate was thick and rich! Definitely a comfort in the cold winter. The ice cream waffles, on the other hand, was pretty much a disappointment. Not the crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside kinda waffles in Singapore! It looks (and do taste like) frozen waffles from the supermarket - not bad, but common 'commercialised' taste which meets expectations but threw no surprises. Ice cream were good tho!

Was adventurous enough to try the butter beer ice cream (signature flavour) but not that gutsy enough to add on a serving of salted egg yolk dip (comes at additional cost btw). Looking back, I should’ve just gone for it since I’ve travelled al the way from west to east just to try out their ice cream waffles! Butter beer ice cream was extremely creamy. Tho alcoholic, it doesn’t leave you with a nasty beer breath. Waffles lived up to expectations- crisp on the exterior while fluffy on the inside. As with all charcoal waffles, there’s no significant taste to the “charcoal”

Stack of waffles with candied bacon 🥓 and a scoop of ice cream. Extremely indulgent start to the day. The waffles were crisp yet fluffy (thankfully) and therefore eased off some of the heaviness which would have came along with the candied bacon and ice cream (a lil’ too sweet for the morning!) Nevertheless, a good meal of savoury and sweet delights!

Looks prettier than it tastes. The cookie and ice cream just didn’t go well together. I guess “cookies and cream” just wasn’t meant to be worked out this way? Stick with their ice cream and toasts, not this!

I chew like a hamster 🐹 with my chubby cheeks. Apply CHUB857 for 20% off Burpple Beyond!

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