i scream... on waffles, toasts, brownies! 🤩

i scream... on waffles, toasts, brownies! 🤩

Ice cream, gelato, soft served, waffles, roasts, buns. Anything hot and cold and comfortingly sweet
Chubby Cheeks
Chubby Cheeks

CHERRY 🍒 BASIL tastes somewhat like a milder version of their signature strawberry Basil. The Basil 🌿 whiff was strong, the Cherry taste was pretty mild. (The strawberry 🍓 flavour has a more pronounced strawberry taste!)

SPICED PEAR 🍐 consists of a blend of cloves, cinnamon, anise etc. Somewhat Christmas-y! I could taste really teeny pear bits too!

Of course, both scoops in a thyme cone.
The B.O.P experience is never complete without the cone!!

One of the best-selling crepes on the menu but not something I would go for. I love my ice cream in cones, on waffles, on toast but definitely not with crepe 😭

All crepes comes with the option of ice cream add-ons - hojicha sea salt or strawberry basil from Birds of Paradise! With such delectable ice cream... I couldn’t help but feel that it’s kinda wasted on a crepe. B.O.P ice cream can only be paired with their in-house, thyme-infused waffle cone

Located within the ‘modernised’ area of Lau Pa Sat, Creme & Cone is housed in the Food Folks section, with air conditioning to cool you down from the unforgiving sun. There’s a good spread of flavours, but nothing that I would call extraordinarily “wow”. Apart from safe flavours like chocolate, they’re huge on local and tropical flavours - Milo, mango passionfruit, speculoos cookies, Hitam. I’m not a fan of these local flavours Ice cream wise but cone wise, thumbs up for their Bandung cone! It really does come with a rather strong Bandung taste. +$1 for Bandung cone. They also have Milo cone too!

Genmaicha | Salted egg yolk
Granny’s favourite | Almond biscuit

Very local, homely ice cream treats.

Always a light and refreshing treat to the sweet-toothed me! So much love for the floral ice cream creations from Birds of Paradise 💕

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Smores are pretty rare on the dessert menu these days and glad to have find it at The Dark Gallery here! It's exclusively available at the Great World City outlet because it's a 'salon' item and not available at 'cafes' - which are basically all the other TDG outlets in Singapore. The torched marshmallows were gluey and paired well with the crispies and layered cake at the bottom. Love how the fluffy clouds balanced the 'heaviness' of the chocolate cake - especially if you're having another brownie at the same time (like what i did!). The intensely thiccc, dark chocolate ice cream on the side was VERY dark. Trending towards the side of 'greyish' on the colour scale rather than dark, dark brown as with most dark chocolate ice cream (think Awfully Chocolate's hei ice cream). At $14++/plate, it's a tad pricey for the portion but then again, it's about the price range of plated desserts elsewhere. Thankful for Burpple beyond which made it affordable with the 1-1 deal!

If you're thinking to impress your date with some desserts here, sip the brownie and head straight for the smores instead - you hardly find smores anywhere! While the brownie was pretty intense here, it wasnt exactly mind-blowing. At some point, I felt it was too jelat and chewy. There could have been walnuts or pecans added to improve the taste and texture. The brownie was paired with milky vanilla ice cream. I'd believe the ice cream was made in-house too, and therefore very disappointed when I did not spot the lovely black specks from the Vanilla pods. Flavour wise, it was more milky than vanilla-y. It does make me wonder if extract, instead of pods, were used instead ): No go, for $14++. Burpple Beyond 1-1 made it a lot more affordable and less of a disappointment.

The hype over this waffle baffles me. Because it’s so so so, over-rated. Every table had 1 and I thought it must be pretty good! Turns out to be incredibly underwhelmed. There was zero eggy fragrance or crispy waffle rims. The vanilla ice cream tasted very much like the typical confectionary ice cream from supermarket. The strawberry syrup tasted off-the-shelve too. While there were real 🍓 chunks, they’re preserved and hence, incredibly sour and artificially sweet ☹️ It’s terribly disappointing, especially at its $7.90 price point!

Extremely earthy earl grey infused soft serve - a creamy in texture and not overly sweet. Comes w choice of fruit pebbles, chocolate rice etc toppings (pick only one!) A lil’ sad that they ran out of the charcoal cones on the day of visit (we visited pretty late into the evening; slightly before closing hours). Hoping for better luck next time!

At first sight, it’s a pretty fancy coloured soft serve, nicely twirled and dotted with fruit pebbles. At first taste, it was slightly disappointing - nothing very “cookie&cream” about it and definitely absent of cookie specs. If this were just “sweet cream” soft serve, it would very much fit the name! It was nonetheless a nice cold soft serve - texture was smooth and sweet (just don’t expect any “cookie&cream” kinda taste) A lil’ downside would be the use of colouring here, instead of natural dyes. So...WARNING: You seriously will get coloured shit the next day. Mine was green/turquoise 🤢

Cheers to ... ice cream!
Refreshing in taste, w bits of minty greens within. Not to my liking but it should appeal to alcoholics!

Chose this cos I’m curious how red ruby chocolate would taste like. It’s...hard to describe! Closer to the taste and feel of white chocolate, but way less sweet. The raspberry added a layer of tanginess to an otherwise ‘jelat’ dessert.

My chubby cheeks speak of my love in uncovering new bites & savouring ‘em all!

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