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i scream... on waffles, toasts, brownies! 🤩

i scream... on waffles, toasts, brownies! 🤩

Ice cream, gelato, soft served, waffles, roasts, buns. Anything hot and cold and comfortingly sweet
Chubby Cheeks
Chubby Cheeks

The cup of hot chocolate was thick and rich! Definitely a comfort in the cold winter. The ice cream waffles, on the other hand, was pretty much a disappointment. Not the crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside kinda waffles in Singapore! It looks (and do taste like) frozen waffles from the supermarket - not bad, but common 'commercialised' taste which meets expectations but threw no surprises. Ice cream were good tho!

Was adventurous enough to try the butter beer ice cream (signature flavour) but not that gutsy enough to add on a serving of salted egg yolk dip (comes at additional cost btw). Looking back, I should’ve just gone for it since I’ve travelled al the way from west to east just to try out their ice cream waffles! Butter beer ice cream was extremely creamy. Tho alcoholic, it doesn’t leave you with a nasty beer breath. Waffles lived up to expectations- crisp on the exterior while fluffy on the inside. As with all charcoal waffles, there’s no significant taste to the “charcoal”

Stack of waffles with candied bacon 🥓 and a scoop of ice cream. Extremely indulgent start to the day. The waffles were crisp yet fluffy (thankfully) and therefore eased off some of the heaviness which would have came along with the candied bacon and ice cream (a lil’ too sweet for the morning!) Nevertheless, a good meal of savoury and sweet delights!

Looks prettier than it tastes. The cookie and ice cream just didn’t go well together. I guess “cookies and cream” just wasn’t meant to be worked out this way? Stick with their ice cream and toasts, not this!

One of the most popular gelato hideout in Venice! You can gauge its popularity just by the long queue. As usual, the gluttony me had 3 scoops while the boyf had 2, hence the thinner cone at the back and the bigger cone at the front. Love how it comes with the wafer biscuit with Suso logo on it too!

Soft serve ice cream!! The Apple 🍎 ice cream was rather sourish - I’d say it’s an acquired taste. Chocolate is rich and velvety. At 1-1 with the Burpple deal, it’s definitely a decent buy. Not quite worth the hefty price of $6.50++ without the app tho.

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Rich Hokkaido milk ice cream with creme brûlée cap! The milk ice cream was very watery right at the bottom of the brûlée cap - hence it’s akin to drinking milk right after you’ve bite off the brûlée! Rather challenging to savour it while walking at the same time!

At 50,000 IDR, this is a steal! Impressed by the quality of the dessert which drew a good balance between western ice cream and Asian kuehs. The ‘street market’ pancake had the consistency of tapioca kuehs (minus the tapioca taste, and similarly kinda sticky). It’s kinda like waffles with ice cream, in the Asian version.

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Premium matcha ice cream treat at $2.20! Not exceptionally cheap but I guess as with all quality treats comes with a price tag which commensurates the quality ingredients which goes into it? The matcha ice cream was really rich in matcha 🍵 & creamy too!

v.chio Pistachio + hazelnut gelato but vvvv expensive too! +HKD15 for a beautified cone (choice of almond chocolate/ rainbow balls w chocolate and seasonal specials like raspberry bits & chocolate) The gelatos are ever so rich, creamy and good! On the cone - while the raspberry was a good twist from the usual, my preference lies with the permanent stay on their cone selections - almond w chocolate!

This was a return visit! Tried Oddies Foodies’ night wolf the last time and decided to try something different this round. The Woods was a good choice - came with cinnamon and Apple-pie filled eggette! The eggette was slightly ‘charred’ that day but nevertheless crispy and fragrant - I prefer to immerse it in the milk gelato and salted caramel gelato bef chewing it! The burst of flavours in the mouth was WOW. Within the cup were Apple pie compote, citrus jellies and cinnamon crumbles to go with the eggette and ice cream- really awesome combi !

Really love the ice cream waffles from Creamier. This is my 4th visit - but not feeling the pinch as much as I did before cos these are Super worth it with Burpple Beyond! Featured atop the crispy-outside, fluff inside waffles are ice cream flavours: salted gula Melaka, butterscotch almond, pistachio and earl grey lavender. Each flavour is distinct and unique on it’s own - vvv aromatic and 10/10!

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