Walked past this place so many times and finally got to try their food. Went for the 180g sirloin with some juicy grilled prawns ($16.90) and the sides were the hot steamed veggie and baked potato (no butter, cause health).

Wow their steak is super bomb; it was so perfectly cooked. I had it medium and it was delightfully tender with a lovely pink center despite it being a rather small piece of meat. And so juicy too; juices were flowing out when I cut into it. So satisfying to take a huge bite and feel the juices spurt onto my tongue. The veggies were delicious and garlicky. :) I almost wish I ordered double sides of the veggies because they were so good.

The prawns were pretty meh. Well grilled but slightly overcooked and a bit small. And only two prawns. But I guess thats normal for such a place.

Still, that steak is so good that its more than enough to cover up for all the other flaws. And the service was excellent, with the friendly manager taking and serving our orders really efficiently.


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