2 month long ordeal with this slice. First of all it rarely comes in slices, secondly the main kitchen makes very few of this, third of all its almost never sent to JCUBE branch. After many calls and arrangements, I finally got the slice(including rushing down on the day itself once I got a call)

Got to say, it validates the hardwork haha. Absolutely smashing. The peanut butter taste was very full in the frosting, which had a thick, finely sandy, and voluptuous texture. Paired w their chocolate cake, which stunned me(is their chocolate sponge common for many of the cakes? It's so clearly better than most chocolate sponges it's actually funny) this is an awesome slice for peanut butter lovers that's super satisfying. Only problem is that, with the richness, it gets just a tad jelat at the end expectedly. At the same time it's hard to stop though, just scold yourself later ><

Must try! Yet another stellar piece from awfully chocolate