Food here is pricey, so I thought ordering a pizza would be worth it, and true enough it was! I liked how think and crisp the crust was. And I loved the spicy garlic shrimp flavour, it was spicy and pleasant to taste, and I would have orders a whole of that in hindsight. The smoked salmon was not bad, but I do prefer the flavour from baker and cook instead. But I think the real winner of the place is really the ambience. During a beautiful weather, it’s really worth choosing a rooftop seating to admire the CBD skyline of Singapore. It’s also a romantic place for couples for drinks, and a friendly environment to celebrate birthdays! There were many friends who had the birthday song played and special cake served to their friends, a rather pleasant sight to witness!
Would come back to try the pasta because it looked so delicious in the menu! However, it would have to wait because the price may burn a hole in the wallet😮