Been to this restaurant multiple times over the years and we loved how they managed to maintain their food and service quality all these while. We had their Baked Sea Perch ($28) and Honey Charred Chicken ($22) and both were absolutely splendid.

The Baked Sea Perch was meaty and very fresh, with a good natural sweetness. I loved the perfectly grilled skin, as it was so crispy and very well seasoned. This is really hard to do without overcooking the meat underneath! The mashed potatoes underneath were creamy and well seasoned as well, and the asparagus was just lovely with the crispy leafy parts.

The Honey Charred Chicken was not too sweet, and yet you get the really nice honey taste together with the savoury flavour of the chicken. It was grilled perfectly as well, with the perfect amount of smokiness. The fries were absolutely moreish, due to its crispy exterior and sweet creamy flavour within.

For drinks we got the Sparkling Berry Apple ($10) and Lychee Rose Frizz ($10) which were both delightfully refreshing.

We really had no complaints at all for the food and service given. With 1 for 1 mains and drink using #burpplebeyond, we can't help but to think when is the next time we will be back again!