A little treasure trove of baked goods, last week’s @sugarthieves.co Omakase Picnic Box ($32) saw a wonderful mix of croissants, pastries and cakes.

Caramelized Onion Mushroom Tart - Topped with mushroom, mozzarella, and a generous layer of caramelized onions, the tart was fragrant, savoury, and sweet. The puff pastry was also buttery, light, and crisp after a quick pop into the oven.

Signature Carrot Bundt Cake - Chockfull of toasted mixed nuts, the mini bundt cake was lightly spiced and moist. Paired with lemon cream cheese and lemon pineapple curd which offered the perfect zing, the cake wasn’t cloying or overly sweet.

Levain Cookie - Soft, gooey, and lusciously chocolatey, the cookie was a classic done right. Best enjoyed warm, the big pockets of melted chocolate were superbly good with the buttery cookie.

Ispahan Croissant - A foolproof combination done on a freshly baked croissant, Sugar Thieves’ rendition uses rose cream, raspberry jam, and lychee bits. The floral-fruity number wasn’t too sweet for me even with the sugary glaze and was nicely balanced with the buttery pastry in my opinion.

Spring Onion Croissant - My second time having this and I am still loving the punchy aroma of spring onions and the slight tang from the sour cream on their croissant.