Food Attack

Food Attack

Featuring Portico Host (Alexandra), The Disgruntled Chef (Dempsey), 4Fingers Crispy Chicken (ION Orchard), Doi Chaang Coffee (Rochester Mall), Mama Panda Kitchen (River Safari), LeNu Chef Wai’s Noodle Bar (Bugis Junction), Kabe no Ana (Jurong Point), Dian Xiao Er (Jem), HarbourFront Centre, elements & co.
Vanessa Kou
Vanessa Kou

Plumped up with toothsome pandan coconut cream, Burnt Ends Bakery’s Pandan Doughnuts ($24 /Half-Dozen) were fragrant and flavourful. And to say they are rich may be an understatement as the smooth luscious filling was pretty intense - the taste of coconut and pandan coming across very prominently in the bake. The dough, on the other hand, was supple and fluffy which was a nice balance to the heavy kaya. Glazed with coconut and embellished with desiccated coconut, these brioche doughnuts were a treat.


Last week I had this intense craving for butter chicken, so I got me some from Al-Azhar Eating Restaurant. Packing quite a bit of heat, their rendition of the classic Butter Chicken Masala was lusciously creamy and perfectly spiced. The tandoori chicken chunks were tender and nicely seasoned. But the highlight was truly the uberly buttery gravy. Flavourful, the sauce was thick and full of tangy sweet-savouriness. And of course, the ideal companion to mop up all the richness is a warm garlic-studded naan. Yet a tad heavy for one to finish in single seating, the masala is best shared.

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Yes, I am that friend who dunks her fries in a Mcflurry… and is a big fan of cookie butter.

Hence, I really enjoyed @mcdsg's latest Lotus Biscoff McFlurry ($3.40). While it could certainly use a swirl of sauce (be it caramel or speculoos), the serving of Lotus biscuit crumbles was generous and spread pretty evenly in the vanilla soft-serve. The caramelised crumbs also adding a nice crunch and sweetness to the cool creamy ice cream - just what I need for the crazy hot weather.

As I arrived late in the day, Suzuki's Matcha drinks were unfortunately sold out. Hence, I had settled for their Iced Chocolate which turned out pretty decent. Rich, chocolate-y, and not too milky; the concoction was smooth and balanced. However, priced at $9, the option was certainly not the most value-for-money (the free lotus biscoff did soften the blow though).

In the mood for all things sweet, I found their Japanese Pudding ($8) to be right up my alley. Achieving the ideal balance between eggy and milky, the pudding was creamy and rich. The custard was melting soft too. What’s more, the caramel sauce was the icing on the cake as it was on the bittersweet side (but not overly so) hence it contrasted nicely with the lusciously sweet purin. So so so good!

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Back for more of Esora’s Takeaway Katsu Sando, I just had to try their new Ebi Katsu ($28). Think plump chunks of prawns in the compact ebi cutlet sandwiched between finely shredded cabbage, savoury sauce, shiso, and lightly toasted milk bread. Fried to perfection, the battered exterior was pleasantly light and thin. The crispy katsu was also surprisingly succulent and held the distinct note of crustacean sweetness. Though, as someone who is not terribly fond of shiso, I would have to say that the fragrance of the leaves was a tad overpowering.


At $25 per pint, @pistachio.everything Sicilian Pistachio Ice Cream might be steep but was certainly worth every cent for the quality. Their best-seller, the custard-based treat was exactly as described on its label - rich, nutty, and sexy. Made with the best pistachios in the world, Sicilian Pistachio from the town of Bronte, the premium ice cream was remarkably creamy and as promised scoops well straight out of the freezer instead of being rock hard. A full and luxe flavour experience, the nuttiness was also intense and long-lasting yet not cloying at all. Oh so addictive, I definitely need to place another order for their chunky version!

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Enveloped in an abundance of hand-grated coconut, @mariehomefoods Fresh Coconut Cake was nothing short of amazing. A coconut lover’s dream come true - the 3-layer vanilla chiffon sponge cake was stacked with their luscious coconut cream, and more shredded coconut flesh in between. The tender cake was light on the palate being low sugar, dairy-free, and all-natural but the nutty-sweetness of the coconut was still really pronounced. My favourite component being their handmade cream as it added some lovely textures and aroma. Loving the bursting fresh flavour at the very first bite, my parents also gave their seal of approval.

Available in 2 sizes, my order was the Baby7 Fresh Coconut Cake ($65). Order via their link-in-bio if you are interested!

Having my braised pork belly rice craving satisfied at home was a breeze with @lorbakpng pre-frozen pack. Priced at $15 for 500g of Lor Bak with 2 braised eggs, the portion was pretty decent - good for 3 to 4 servings. A fuss-free meal option, reheating instructions were clear and easy too. Hearty and homely, the braised liquid was pleasantly savoury (great with a steaming bowl of rice) and the flavours were well infused into the meat. I liked that there was a nice mix of more chunky and minced pieces. But do note that there is pork cartilage in the pack. The lor bak was also not too lean or oily and with enough fats to really give it that tender melty texture.

A lil throwback to the (half-and-half) loaf of my dreams.

Crispy on the outside and oh so pillowy soft on the inside, handcrafted sourdough focaccia is as good as it gets and worth the wait (you really got to order way in advance). Studded with bits of garlic, tomatoes, and rosemary; the Classic Sourdough Focaccia was hearty and aromatic. Mildly sweet from the burst of flavour from the juicy cherry tomatoes, the focaccia also featured a gentle herby and garlicky fragrance which just added to the whole appeal. Similarly, the crusty exterior of the Truffle Sourdough Focaccia was well-balanced by the chewy airy crumb. The subtle tang of the bake going hand in hand with the earthy-savoury (truly intoxicating) truffle scent. And what I enjoyed most was that it was luxe but not overly decadent - the flavours were prominent without being too in your face or overpowering.

Loving that extra oomph, the Banana Nut Crunch Brownie ($7.40) would be my pick as the cornflakes and almonds studded atop were able to counter the decadence of the fudgy bake. Not too sweet, the slightly malty flavour of the crisp cornflakes went superbly with the crunchy nuts, banana, and the dark chocolatey taste of brownie. However, I found that there is not much of the mashed banana filling, so the taste is hardly detectable.

As for a refreshing perk-me-up, Flourcrafts Pâtisserie's Strawberry Watermelon Tart was a delicate number and an exquisite take on Black Star Pastry’s signature cake. Fresh, light, and fragrant; that floral sweetness and crunch from the cool rosewater-infused watermelon boule was so good. Coupled with airy vanilla chantilly mascarpone and their homemade strawberry confiture on vanilla financier; the combination was sublime. When you bite into the tart the fruity fragrance of the berries hits your palette first, followed immediately by the gentle perfume of rose flavour, the faint milkiness from the cream then the butteriness of the crisp shortcrust pastry.

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