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Food Attack

Food Attack

Featuring Two Chefs Eating Place (Commonwealth), The Disgruntled Chef (Dempsey), The Usual Place, Ho-Jiak, Kampung Bowl Corner Burger, 4Fingers Crispy Chicken (ION Orchard), Bonheur Patisserie (PasarBella @The Grandstand), Sweet Monster (Plaza Singapura), Mr Fish & Chips at Cafe Wok Inn, LeNu Chef Wai’s Noodle Bar (Bugis Junction)
Vanessa Kou
Vanessa Kou

Aside from the donburis, Donburi King’s menu also delivers scrumptious appetizers, salads and ramens. Of the selection of starters, my pick would be their Fried Oysters ($5/ 3 pieces). Made with succulent Hiroshima Oysters, the Kaki Fry were just like those I had in Japan a few years back. I am no fan of oysters but breaded and deep-fried until golden perfection is the way to go. Airy, light, and super crispy, the tasty morsel is kept ocean-fresh on the inside. Served with tonkatsu sauce, the briny flavour is less intense yet the sweetness of the juicy shellfish was still able to shine through.


And sniffing out a great bargain, I really enjoyed Donburi King's Whole Unagi Don ($25). Perhaps spoilt by the many unagi specialty restaurants that we have here in Singapore, I was not blown away but the “tare" (sweet glaze) was well-balanced and overall a competent rendition. My main qualm was the texture as I prefer a more flaky-rich bite while theirs were more tender.


Of course, as a fan of hotate, the Hotate with Ikura Don ($28.80) was my favourite at the table. Plump, firm and almost creamy in taste, the scallops came in a matchup of sashimi and torched. The torch-seared mollusks adding a touch of smokiness and umaminess whereas with the sashimi-style you get to savour the natural flavour. So the best of both worlds in my opinion. Not forgetting the small heap of minced tuna, briny-sweet bursts of fish roe, tobiko and tamagoyaki adding to the whole experience.


Piling on fresh cuts of premium seafood and variating meat selections, Donburi King’s array of showy Japanese rice bowls was more than just a feast for the eyes. Featuring a luxurious bowl that literally overflows with a trove of ocean treasures, Donburi King Signature Kaisen Don ($58.80) sees an exquisite mix of Uni, Botan Ebi, Hotate, Hiroshima Oysters, Salmon, Octopus, and shimmering Ikura perched atop vinegared sushi rice. Each ingredient offering sweet succulence. Seasoning is done at a minimum as well, hence you can get the true taste of the ocean in that single serving. However, if you need that extra oomph, a tip would be to dip into their century-old Soya Sauce from Miyazaki. Recommended with their seafood donburis, the sauce is produced in small batches and lends the sashimi an intricate sweetness instead of the familiar saltiness. What’s more, the portion is good for sharing!


A dark horse, Jeh O's Sweet Pork Sausage (THB40) which we thought would have been a measly portion, was very good. Sliced to the perfect thickness, each had a heady aroma and were fried to a lovely crisp exterior. They didn’t taste oily either and leaned towards the sweet. We even noted locals buying several of the waxed sausages home. A must try if you are there.

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Undoubtedly my favourite meal during my trip to Bangkok earlier this year, Jeh O Chula was really good and crazy affordable! Bummed that I wasn’t there for their insane Mama Tom Yum which was only available for supper after 11pm, the dinner zhi char-style meal was still fantastic. The wait was also manageable, being in line for about 30 to 40 minutes with the help of our hotel concierge calling ahead for us.

The first bowl of Tom Yum (THB150) that I actively partook in, Jeh O Chula’s rendition was sweet, sour and so pleasantly spicy. The blend of flavours were terribly addictive with not one element overpowering another. The fragrant and tangy, almost zesty base also had a trace of umami goodness from the seafood - just hitting all the right notes. Super shiok!

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Not a fan of fish? Dig into succulent grilled or fried chicken thigh ($9.80) available at Big Fish Small Fish's refreshed menu. Likewise, you can decide between original or spicy flavour and coupling that with their variety of sides.

For those who seek a more balanced meal, the new offerings of pan-grilled fishes, paired with pilaf rice with sautéed veggies (+$1) or veg salad (+$1) as sides with every order is the answer. Choices ranging from Premium White ($10.70), Sea Bass ($12.40), Salmon ($12.90) and Haddock ($15.90). My favourite being the flaky-fresh salmon.

Or pick the Surf N Turf Platter ($25.90) that feeds two, with a hunk of grilled premium dory, 2 slabs of grilled chicken, 3 grilled shrimps, 3 grilled calamari, a small heap of fries and pilaf rice.

To try a bit of everything, the Fisherman Sampler is perfect for you and your fish loving friends. At $40.40, the bucket of fried goodness consists of Battered Dory, Premium White Fish, Seabass, Salmon and addictive potato crisps.

Now with more options than ever before, Big Fish Small Fish’s refreshed menu aims to deliver a little something for everyone. Apart from their original battered fish (from $7.90 to $15.90), they have turned up the heat with a spicy variant. The spicy powdered mix adding a nice oomph to the signature crispy golden-thin batter.

Starting the day right with Micro Bakery & Kitchen’s Scrambled Free-range Eggs ($14) and a side of buttery avocado ($3). Stacked on warm sourdough toast, the eggs were a teensy bit more set than I preferred but were seasoned perfectly and just look at the beautiful folds. Sprinkled with furikake and almonds, the bright fluffy blanket was also offered added bits of crunch and a good dose of umami from the condiments. The seared seasonal greens had a nice char and aroma, too. And of course, the bread itself was tender in the centre and had a really pleasant honey-like sweetness that offset the sour tang of the dough.

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Drink to brighter and younger looking skin with LiHO’s newest skin beautifying concoctions! Launching today at 9 selected outlets, LiHO BEAUTY TEA is not just for the ladies. A wonderful collaboration of two homegrown brands, LiHO TEA & Recherché Skincare, the formulated series infuses Recherché Beauty Nutrients which are high-quality ingestible beauty actives. Said to be easily absorbed into the body, the two beverages acts as beauty booster for both day and night.

In the day, quench your thirst with Recherché-LiHO Whitening Beauty Tea. Featuring a Jing Syuan Tea base with a medley of citrusy fruits such as Green Lemon and Grapefruit, the extra ingredient is Recherché Skin Brightening Plus. Extracted from a synergistic blend of berries, pomegranates and herbs, the skin brightening plant actives is just perfect for those staying in Sunny Singapore.

And at night, Recherché-LiHO Collagen Beauty Tea serves to rejuvenate the skin with a blend of Yuzu, Vitagen and Grapefruit. Pumped up with Recherché Collagen Amino Acid for that boing boing skin.

So, upgrade from the usual fruit teas and grab a cup because as the saying goes 'You Are What You Eat'. Furthermore, each cup purchased will entitle you to a stamp on their loyalty card and with 10 stamps collected you can redeem a specially packaged Recherché’s award winning amino acid cleansing mousse.

Many thanks to @lihosg and @rechercheskincare for hosting as well as sharing more at the Media Preview!
(Outlets: Funan, Tanjong Pagar Centre, Bugis+, Suntec City B1, JEM, One Raffles Place, Vivocity, Star Vista & Orchard Gateway)
*the jars were used only at the media preview event*

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