Entre-Nous Creperie

Geraldine’s Favourite ($15.4)

Price rating: $$ 

Ambience: 3 * 

Well well, bet you were looking for this review after reading my first post. Wait, you haven’t? Well, head on to the first if you want to know about some savoury goodness of crepes(and cheeses). 

Frankly, I chose this as my dessert because I liked the name Geraldine. And I didn’t understand why the name Geraldine equals to Everybody. “So everyone is a Geraldine, and Geraldine’s favourite is everyone’s favourite?” I asked the waitress (who is also a French), where she replied “Desolee, je ne sais pas.” and moved along. Now I’m confused, perhaps there were so many french in that cafe she forgot momentarily that my primary language ain’t French. 

The menu was right, though, Geraldine’s Favourite was presented to us, warm, but not piping hot. Enough to melt the creamy vanilla ice cream a little but not so hot that you end up with a warm vanilla drink on your plate. The caramel sauce drizzled over the crepe.. Oh no, not those cheap syrup you see at the supermarket. That’s atrocious. It's the good, caramelized goodness with an ever so mild bitter aftertaste caramel should have. Hmmm, so yummy… As you cut into the crepe, the caramelized apples then flow out, along with the cold ice cream, you put it into your mouth. Creamy, cold, warm, sweet, and bitter. A gastronomical explosion on your tongue as you reach for the second, third bite and before you know it, it’s gone, and you need a second crepe. No wonder it’s everyone’s favourite.