Happy to visit this pretty Milk Bar and these were our orders:-

Capitol Burger ($19) with 150gm black angus beef patty, egg wrap, cheddar cheese, black pepper mushroom sauce. The patty was slightly dry & bland but the charcoal brioche bun was good
Fisher Brothers Burger ($20) with 150gm of black angus beef patty, vine tomato, roasted bacon, cheddar cheese. I prefer this combi to the other burger as it was juicier & more flavorful. The multi-grain bun was yummy too 😋
Classic New Yorker ($9) was a simple yet delicious Hotdog! Love the crispy onions sprinkled lavishly on the pork sausage with mustard, ketchup & cucumber relish 😋
Salted Egg Chicken Wings ($13) was average and Ava Gardner ($22) the shrimp brioche roll was a total disaster beyond description 😖
Overall a pleasant place but huge improvement in terms of service attentiveness & promptness