I think to say that the Chocolate Pie is meh is really just a way to fall back on a conventional, but lazy, bandwagon-esque opinion. Mcdonald’s is first and foremost, fast food, and the general notion is that with fast food, you are not going to get the quality of a dish that has been prepared from the hands of a culinary maestro; someone who commands a deeply diverse and wealth of experience in cooking; somebody who has the sharpest and most practiced taste buds and can transform food into a soul-bending experience.

The Chocolate Pie banked on plenty of hype prior to its release, but proves itself as a pretty formidable contender against the pretentious sceptics who adamantly believe that a massive coverage hypothesises a substandard quality. Its simplicity in taste is nuanced with a chocolate ganache filling that partially trades the taste of your regular, straight-up milk chocolate with one that is just marginally darker; it is meekly bold. No striking first impression though, but it does enough to render itself some likability.

In the ancestry of pie flavours that McDonald’s boasts, this may actually be one of my favourites. There have been the most mealy ones, some senseless ones, some decent ones, but the Chocolate Pie – that’s one formidable opponent to the Apple Pie, if you ask me. 🤤 (7.2/10)