Gotta Go Fast 🏃🏽💨

Gotta Go Fast 🏃🏽💨

If you thought this list was going to be about healthier choices or food products that'll improve your running speed, well…think again. It's a list that documents everything fast food! 🍔🍟🍗🌮🌯🍕😛
Zul Latiff
Zul Latiff

I’m so happy that they’ve brought this back, and upsized it this time with the McGriddles Stack – it’s now extra two chicken sausage patties and a turkey bacon. 😍

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - I live for the melding of the sweet, honeyed notes from the syrup-infused griddle cakes and the savoury flavour of everything that goes between them. 🤩

Also, has anybody else noticed how a meal of this is more affordable than meals of the other burgers?! If this is their way of luring me back...well, they’re doing it right. 🤣


I’m sorry but this has to be one of the most diabolical things I’ve ever had in my life – the punch of cheesy pungency was enough to sever every fabric of appetite that I had in that moment.

The taste itself didn’t salvage it, unfortunately. It was an overdose of oil – just imagine fried chicken grease together with the truffle oil…how is anybody really supposed to properly appreciate this? There’s also this disconcerting sweetness in the aftertaste, which was almost impossible to stomach. 😞

All I got from this was a haunting sense of remorse and guilt for my body. I might be just too used to KFC chicken items being savoury, but this was just not IT. (3.7/10)

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Yes, say what you want about fast food ice-creams - that they’re nothing close to the real deal, they’re painfully mediocre yada yada yada, but when food is life, nothing’s going to stop me from getting a humble ice cream cone from McDonald’s. 🤟🏽

And I’m not mad at all with this flavour actually. The really reminds me of every single pandan dessert I’ve had and loved, namely Pandan Chiffon Cake and PARK’s Pandan Chiffon Cake Tea.


This was, to me, quite possibly the most disappointing item to have come out of McDonald’s menu. They’ve had plenty of hits, even if some take time for me to grow fonder of them. But this…this was not IT at all. 😕

The familiar salted egg taste was sure enough detectable in the sauce, but only in the aftertaste. Otherwise, the sauce tasted like a watery, and less tangy tartar. 😞 I was hoping for the texture of the sauce that they had on the Salted Egg burger two years ago (anybody remember that?!)

You can satisfy your burning curiosity for this, but there’s a good chance you won’t be satisfied with this. 😓


I’ve given a few McDonald’s promotional items a miss, but I have decided to make an exception for their McGriddles (served all day)! Like many people, I was severely distraught when they removed it from their menu without warning. 😩

In a way it is comparable to the fast food restaurant’s Sausage McMuffin with Egg sandwich, but the key difference is in the buns. Thick, soft hotcakes laced with maple syrup gives it a honeyed contrast to the salty and savoury taste of the sausage patty and cheese. It was always the most interesting item on their breakfast menu when it was part of their permanent menu. That’s why I’m truly glad it’s back, even if for a while. 🤤


I think to say that the Chocolate Pie is meh is really just a way to fall back on a conventional, but lazy, bandwagon-esque opinion. Mcdonald’s is first and foremost, fast food, and the general notion is that with fast food, you are not going to get the quality of a dish that has been prepared from the hands of a culinary maestro; someone who commands a deeply diverse and wealth of experience in cooking; somebody who has the sharpest and most practiced taste buds and can transform food into a soul-bending experience.

The Chocolate Pie banked on plenty of hype prior to its release, but proves itself as a pretty formidable contender against the pretentious sceptics who adamantly believe that a massive coverage hypothesises a substandard quality. Its simplicity in taste is nuanced with a chocolate ganache filling that partially trades the taste of your regular, straight-up milk chocolate with one that is just marginally darker; it is meekly bold. No striking first impression though, but it does enough to render itself some likability.

In the ancestry of pie flavours that McDonald’s boasts, this may actually be one of my favourites. There have been the most mealy ones, some senseless ones, some decent ones, but the Chocolate Pie – that’s one formidable opponent to the Apple Pie, if you ask me. 🤤 (7.2/10)


Not a huge fan of the play of flavours, I must say - there was this degree of tanginess tagged along with the salty and oniony flavours from the cheese sauce and the sour cream, as well as the bacon bits. But it’s pretty darn satisfying, if not indulgent, for what it is. It’s a great thing to have if I‘m feeling like I should treat myself! 😍 (7/10)


A surprisingly good drink to have come from McCafé! This was refreshing, sweet and percolating with the pandan fragrance. Even when diluted towards the end when much of the crushed ice has melted, it manages to sustain its quality.

Yes, I know it's most probably imbued with the artificial flavours of pandan and coconut extracts, but that didn't stop me from enjoying every part of this! I'm still thinking about this even though it's been two weeks since I first and last had it. 🤤 (7.6/10)


No Nasi Lemak burger or even Bandung McFizz for me today, but I did get this! 😋 Ignoring the dodgy ingredients of fast food items, this was truthfully delightful! It's more subdued compared to an actual chendol as well as gula melaka. It's more of a tribute than a replication, but I'm not complaining! And I think most people won't too. 😗 (7.3/10)


[Halal] Burger King has always been one of my top selections for fast food, even with the emergence of various new fast food joints. Yet, it has been months since I've had anything from it, thanks to my constant lookout for new places to try. 🤔

But I heard the other day that they were having The Ultimate Selection burgers. I thought it was the perfect time to drop by for a visit! I had the Angus Beef Mushroom Swiss, which consisted of a corn-dusted sourdough bun, an Angus beef patty, Swiss cheese, some onions and their classic mushroom sauce.

For fast food standards, I guess it wasn't too bad. The satisfying juicy patty, together with the Swiss cheese and unique mushroom sauce, was passable. Couldn't find anything noteworthy about the bun, but I liked that it was lightly toasted and was accentuated by the grainy texture. The portion was awfully small though. I was hoping for a few more bites for my enjoyment to culminate, but it was over too soon! 😢

A meal of this is $9.90. It's pricey for what it offers, but it's worth a try if you ask me! 😛 (7/10)


All things good; all things food 🥳

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