Having tried the entire loaf during the Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) period and also having it in a slice on a rare occasion that it was served for dine-in, I was most certainly surprised that Brawn & Brains had finally included the Babka Slice in their dine-in menu yet again during my most recent visit to the cafe given how it was usually available in half loaf or full loaf portions only.

It’s $5.50 for a slice but the portion size for a single slice is pretty substantial here β€” easily the size of two slices elsewhere. Warmed up before being served to the table, the bread comes all soft and fluffy; toasty on the exterior, while the swirls of chocolate between the bread comes all melted and oozy β€” gives the bread a good sweetness whilst coming with bits of hazelnuts for a crunch. This time round, it comes with a knob of butter on the side; a good accompaniment with the Babka Slice on the less chocolatey parts (it would be difficult to find though!) for an added velvety texture and a slightly saltish note for a contrast of flavours. Best paired with their Long Black on the single origin β€” usually something more fruity yet bold so it makes for the perfect item to wash that Babka Slice down and getting that needed energy boost in the morning. No doubt something which I would be ordering again, especially given the love I have for the Babka served at the favourite place.

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