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'Living this moment now', the phrase on the cup says.

Chanced upon this tea shop while walking kinda aimlessly around the area trying to find a nice drink to quench my thirst. Being adventurous as always, I decided to get from this shop and chose Tsubaki Oolong with golden pearls to be safe (the Xoxolat Hojicha seems interesting too).

The price for the basic teas are standard ($3.50 for hot and $4.50 for cold) unless you are getting flavoured fruit teas or iced lattero. And the basic teas come with free toppings too!

The tea tasted refreshing with a hint of something that I cannot pinpoint to (my dad thinks that it's an Indian spice lol) - I'm guessing it might be camellia flower since Tsubaki means camellia flower in Japanese.

I'm glad to see more tea shops popping up in SG selling a variety of basic teas. Can't wait to try the hojicha next!