Drink To Your Heart's Content

Drink To Your Heart's Content

Trying out as many interesting/new drinks as I can!
Wei Ting Chong
Wei Ting Chong

Aka honey ceylon pearl milk tea with pistachio ($5.80). And whipped cream that was in between the generous amount of pistachio bits and the milk tea.

Been wanting to try the drinks from Yanxi Tang but never had the chance, until today. There was simply too many choices available, so I decided to select from the top 10 bestsellers and I chose K1, which is this drink.

For some reason it didn't occur to me that the 'foam' with the pistachio bits would be whipped cream. But despite the whipped cream and the honey (which I can't taste..), the sweetness level is still alright. I like the strong tea flavour, which makes it a pretty decent cup of milk tea. And I like chewing the pistachio bits along with the chewy pearls.

I just need to take note that when there's no sizes stated for the top 10 bestsellers, I should have known that it would come in large size. Which would also explain the price.

Ordered the osmanthus oolong milk tea with pearls ($6.60) and I was taken aback by the price initially. And then I realized all drinks are large size by default, and it's located in the Esplanade, thus the price would definitely be pricier than similar brands out there.

But it is a very decent cup of milk tea. When I chose 50% sugar, the staff kindly informed me that the osmanthus is quite sweet, thus I should lower the sugar level if I usually drink 50% sugar. And it was a great choice.

While the osmanthus flavour is the domineering one, there is the subtle hint of oolong in every sip. Kinda reminded me of the very first cup of osmanthus oolong that I had tried in Taipei 12 years ago. That drink made me realize there's more to bbt other than the standard ice blended drink + pearls that was the rage back then. (I think I discovered KOI that same year too)

I would come back again if I am in the vicinity, and hope that it has other outlets. The cups are really damn pretty!!

P.S. Pearls are just basic, so you can choose to forego the pearls.

Black sugar pearls were not available when I went there (the staff at the cashier shared with me that black sugar pearls are probably available only next week 😕), hence I opted for the fruit drinks. Lychee Rose nectar is the recommended drink but the sugar level is fixed, hence I opted for the next drink in the list - lemon rose nectar with 30% sugar ($3.50) 🍋 🌹

I kinda went in blind after reading an online review of the drink stall in Taiwan and just ordered the drink without asking what exactly it is, hence I was kinda surprised when I saw the basil seeds floating at the top of the drink. There is aloe vera at the bottom (I know from the review lol).

I suppose the low sugar level has made the lemon stands out more than the rose (syrup?), and I like that because it is refreshing, as compared to the standard milk teas. And because it has such an extensive menu, it is one drink shop that I would like to have in my neighbourhood (one-north is too far!!)

Oh and they have other types of oolong teas too, like Nantou Mountain Spring and charred oolong. But I still want the black sugar.. 😂

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Rose milk tea with white pearls ($2.80), the latest 'Singaporean drink' released, probably in line with the upcoming National Day. But basically it's just bandung with pearls. I can't taste the tea at all, and I can't choose the sugar level. But the pink after mixing is pretty la, just like how bandung look like.

The staff offered a sample of cranberry vinegar with basil seeds when she saw me staring hard at the menu trying to decide which drink to get, and it tasted refreshing. I chose plum vinegar green tea (among the 4 choices of tea available) since it is a recommended drink, and with green tea I reckon it wouldn't be as sour? (but the guy before me ordered peach vinegar)

My drink is very refreshing, which is good for hot days like today. I'll be looking forward to try their fresh milk teas (I became a sucker for fresh milk teas after last year's Taipei trip, and the difference is quite significant if the drinks are decent enough) and fruit teas next time! (even though I'm spoilt for choice with so many drink shops available in Northpoint 😂)


I started looking forward to this shop ever since I saw it appear in the Northpoint City directory a few months ago. It finally opened a few days ago and of course I went to try it (especially since it is a tea shop hailing from Taiwan).

I tried tieguanyin latte (sadly pearl isn't ready yet) and it occurred to me only much later that the staff didn't ask me for sugar level. But the drink felt just right for me - usually I'll opt for 25%-50% sugar level and anything beyond that is too sweet for me. So I suppose that's a good thing?

And I think the portion is quite worth the money. This cup of tieguanyin latte (600cc) cost me $3.90, which I think is comparable to the drinks in other shops. And yes I believe I would come back again to try their original brews (even though there's going to be 9 drink shops in Northpoint/GV area)

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'Living this moment now', the phrase on the cup says.

Chanced upon this tea shop while walking kinda aimlessly around the area trying to find a nice drink to quench my thirst. Being adventurous as always, I decided to get from this shop and chose Tsubaki Oolong with golden pearls to be safe (the Xoxolat Hojicha seems interesting too).

The price for the basic teas are standard ($3.50 for hot and $4.50 for cold) unless you are getting flavoured fruit teas or iced lattero. And the basic teas come with free toppings too!

The tea tasted refreshing with a hint of something that I cannot pinpoint to (my dad thinks that it's an Indian spice lol) - I'm guessing it might be camellia flower since Tsubaki means camellia flower in Japanese.

I'm glad to see more tea shops popping up in SG selling a variety of basic teas. Can't wait to try the hojicha next!


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