The best thing about this place is the location and the view. Maybe it’s not fair to judge a restaurant just by referring to the Valentine’s Day set menu ($178++ for non-front row tables) and dining experience, but based on that, it doesn’t rank among the top 15 Italians in Singapore. Portions are Lilliputian, none of the dishes is a wow, and the dessert is too dry. The menu said “lobster risotto”, but it’s really crayfish!!?! I remained hungry and was tempted by the idea of buying French fries at OverEasy downstairs. Service is not terribly proactive - one must ask for water refills several times during the meal. After opening the wine, the waiter asked “would you like to test, or should I just pour?” In a restaurant of this calibre, you don’t ask this kind of question - more training is called for! Cheaper restaurants would present a flower to lady guests, but not here! Forlino is a case of marble pricing but linoleum food and service. Chef Osvaldo Forlino’s No Menu restaurant is not great, but better than Forlino! Shame!