Top left: sambal scramble sourdough @ $18+
Bottom left: fowl play jaffle @ $13.50+
Right: truffle fries @ $10+ & iced chocolate @ $7+ & mocha @ $6+

Came on Friday around noon and it's not very packed and managed to get a quiet corner. There arent that many items on the menu that offers meat in the dish so we decided quite quickly.

The jaffle was brioche pressed in cast iron and the bread was very very nice. It's tasty and the texture was perfect. It's so good that it makes up for the lack of taste in the fillings.

The sambal scramble sourdough looked good but was quite disappointing. There wasnt enough sambal taste and the blend with scramble was a bit strange. And the sourdough felt like it didn't play a part in the dish.

The fries and drinks were okay.

It's not bad but nothing fantastic either. Good ambience though.

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