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From House on the Moon; a new dessert bar which had opened its doors fairly recently at Great World City. Serving up plated desserts at their space at Level 1 of the mall, their space at Level 2 offers the same items available at Level 1 for takeaway.

Collaborating with Chef Juan Amador of Michelin-starred Alma by Juan Amador, the Moon Walk (also the signature here) features elements such as Yogurt, Nut Butter and Coconut, and comes with its own tea pairing of a Coconut, Cream Tea. A pretty refreshing dessert, this was a dessert that carried a light flavour profile and a light, tangy note; particular of that from the yogurt elements. Featuring a multitude of textures, the dessert hits the senses all in the right notes; cool and smooth ice-cream, creamy mousse layers, fluffy sponge, crumbles for a buttery crunch while the white chocolate helps to add a crisp, shattering sweetness, this was an item that tickles the taste buds — not too heavy, yet very well-designed to give just that right contrast and balance in terms of texture. Hoping to see the folks behind House on the Moon come up with more plated desserts — a very rare destination within a shopping mall, and a spot I will gladly make a trip down to Great World City for an accessible experience almost akin to that of fine-dining, be it in terms of presentation of food and its service.

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