This was actually my first time trying their murtabaks because I hardly deviate from my usual orders of Plain and Egg Pratas! For the murtabak, you can choose from various options such as chicken, mutton, sardine and vegetables, and theres 3 size options to choose from. You can also choose to opt for cheese for your murtabak, which we did.

Have to say I was actually slightly disappointed though. The chicken fillings weren't very substantial and the meat was also kind of dry. Good thing was that there was a copious amount of onions and it was also adequately cheesy.

The murtabak also felt significantly oilier than their normal pratas, perhaps due to the many other ingredients that go into it?

The portion size was really huge though. We definitely underestimated the size. 4 of us ordered this to share (on top of our own prata orders) and was struggling to finish this😅