If you're on the hunt for an authentic Thai dining experience, look no further than Super Thai Singapore!

Here’s what we tried:
🇹🇭Signature Crispy Papaya Salad
The crispiness of the shredded papaya, combined with the tangy dressing and a hint of spiciness, creates a refreshing symphony of textures and flavors.
🇹🇭Special Mixed Thai Bites
A medley of bite-sized delights for sharing.
🇹🇭Super Thai Premium Hotpot
A sizzling cauldron of simmering rich Tom Yum broth filled to the brim with an array of seafood delights.
🇹🇭Claypot Glass Noodles w King Prawns
Succulent king prawns atop a bed of springy, rich and flavorful glass noodles.
🇹🇭Thai Steamed Seabass w Lime n Chilli
A delicately cooked fish bathed in a tantalizing sauce that strikes the ideal balance between zesty lime and fiery chilli. The flavors meld together beautifully, very refreshing.
🇹🇭Crispy Deep Fried Omelette w Crab Meat
The omelette was fried till a golden brown, super crisp!
🇹🇭Signature Pineapple Fried Rice
A dish that will leave you dreaming of the tropical paradise.

Super Thai offers generous portions at an affordable pricing. With its vibrant atmosphere, exceptional service, and a menu that will transport you to the heart of Thailand, this restaurant is a must-try for all Thai food lovers!

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